If your New Year’s Resolution includes sprucing up your home in 2015 – we have a few ways you can get a head start- just in time for the holiday season.

One of the quickest ways to dazzle your guests and change the tone and look of your bathroom is to create a spa like atmosphere in your bath.

Tackle one, or all, of these projects this weekend and enjoy an immediate impact in your home.

Of course, if your project turns full-scale remodel – we recommend calling a professional plumber to help. (We happen to know of a good one who services Akron and Cleveland, Ohio the surrounding areas. Give Blind and Sons a call.)

1) Deep clean your fixtures. You can quickly and inexpensively restore shine and water pressure to chrome, metal or stainless steel water fixtures in your home with a homemade vinegar soak. Simply fill a plastic bag with white vinegar and attach it to the showerhead.

2) Upgrade your showerhead. A good clean can’t fix an outdated fixture. There are many options available ranging from basic fixed or handheld to those with rain shower settings. We recommend doing your research before purchasing, and remember to match the finish (e.g. silver with nickel, gold with brass) to the other fixtures in your bathroom.

3) Switch out your shower curtain. Nothing changes the feel of your bathroom like updating your shower curtain. Keep in mind, that color affects your mood, so choose wisely.

4) Corral your clutter. Finally, no amount of changes will make a difference if your shower is cluttered with bottles of product and toiletries.

Aside from cleaning out anything you don’t need and tossing empty bottles (we all have a few of those hanging around sometimes), we suggest springing for clear or matching dispensers to store everything.

Streamlining your storage containers will make your bathroom feel more organized instantly.