We get it.  It’s summertime; the weather is beautiful, and you have plenty of things you would rather spend your time on than pesky home maintenance tasks.  While it is tempting to put off chores for a rainy day, small maintenance tasks left undone often lead to expensive and costly repairs.  We’re sure you’ve heard it before, but an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, especially when faced with these five repairs.

Leaks in Your Plumbing
A leak in your plumbing will not go away on its own, and can add up to thousands of dollars in damage if left unrepaired.  One leaky pipe can ruin cabinets and subfloors or ceilings if they’re in the top level of your home.  Plumbing leaks come in many forms, even a leaky toilet or a dripping faucet can cost you in high water bills.  Take action at the first signs of a leak to lessen your damage and repair costs.  Listen for the sound of water running in your home and pay attention to any spikes in your water bill.

Aging and Inefficient Heating & Cooling System
You can add years to the life of your heating & cooling system simply and inexpensively by having it maintained once a year.  A tune-up will help your system to run more efficiently and save you money on your monthly utility bill.  The most valuable benefit of annual maintenance lies in prevention.  A trained HVAC technician can spot the warning signs of a malfunctioning or worn out part in your system, and save you the time and money of an emergency repair.  If your system cycles on or off frequently or the natural gas pilot light is yellow or orange instead of blue, we advise you to call for a repair estimate.  You may also want to consider replacing your system with a more efficient model if the cost of repair is more than one third of the cost of replacement.

Dirty Air Filters
People are often surprised to learn that a dirty air filter is one of the most common reasons for heating & cooling repairs.  Built up dirt and dust will accumulate in your system and can lead to expensive repairs.  A dirty air filter will also cause your system to work harder to force air through it, costing you in higher utility bills as well.  Do yourself a favor, and clean or replace your filter once a month, or every three at the very least.

Gas leak
If you notice any signs of a gas leak get every person and animal out of your home immediately and call the gas company from an outside phone.  Keep an eye out for the following signs: a dry patch of grass or dead and dying vegetation near gas lines in your yard, damaged connections to gas appliances, dirt or water blowing into the air, unusual hissing sounds, a distinctive gas odor.

Electrical problems
Electrical problems left unrepaired put your home and family at risk.  Faulty wiring has the potential to cause a fire, and the cost of rewiring is small compared to the losses from having a fire in your home.  Flickering lights, frequently blown fuses or plugs that malfunction are often signs of bigger problems.  Contact a licensed electrician to diagnose any problems before it is too late.

Here at Blind and Sons, we understand the pull to put repairs off for a rainy day.  We strive to provide prompt and courteous service and hope you will give us a call to assist you with taking care of any repairs that just can’t wait.
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