We realize most people don’t think about their air conditioner until it breaks down.  We understand and are here with a cheat sheet to assist you in the event that your system should choose the hottest day of the summer to break down.  Take a look at the following 6 causes of air conditioner failure, before you are aggravated and sweaty with a broken system on your hands.

1. Faulty Circuit Breaker of Fuse.  If your air conditioner fails, your first step is to check your circuit breaker or fuse.  If you need to change a fuse or reset your breaker, you should give your system 15 minutes to cool down first.  If this doesn’t solve your problem, you may have a tripped high-pressure limit switch.  We recommend calling a technician to take a look.

2. Refrigerant Leak.  Your air conditioner will not work properly if the refrigerant is not at the proper level recommended by the manufacturer.  Any leak will need to be repaired and recharged by a licensed technician.  Refrigerant is harmful to the environment and handling it is best left to the experts.

3. Frozen Coil.  Dirty air filters or blocked ductwork can cause airflow problems in your system leading to a frozen coil.  Low refrigerant can also cause your coil to freeze and your system to malfunction.  You can check by visibly inspecting your unit for frost on or around the coil.

4. Worn or Damaged Compressor, Fan Blades, Electrical Connections and Electrical Contacts are all possible causes of air conditioner failure.  If your air conditioner is over five years old and cycles on and off frequently your system is at risk for failure.  Having your system maintained annually will often catch worn and damaged parts before they lead to emergency repairs.

5. Neglected Maintenance.  Annual maintenance is essential to your air conditioner’s performance.  A licensed technician can identify potential problems before they occur.  You need to have your air conditioning coils cleaned, and your system inspected at least once a year.  It is also important to change your air filter at least once every three months to help your system perform at its peak.  Neglecting to maintain your system may also void your manufacturer’s warranty if you do encounter a covered problem.

6. Faulty Thermostat.  If your thermostat is not working correctly, your air conditioner may cycle on and off frequently or fail to work.  Consider all of the digital and technologically savvy thermostats on the market today.  Many models today can be set to adjust temperatures at set times or even controlled remotely.

Maintaining your air conditioner is the simplest and most cost-effective ways to ensure your system operates all summer long.  We would be happy to send one of our trained, licensed technicians right over.