Who reads owner’s manuals and warranty cards?  Many of us forget where we put them until something goes wrong, if we remember that we have a warranty at all.  You might not want to go back and find all of your old warranties, but do yourself a favor and read the following seven ways to void your warranty carefully.  You could save yourself time, money and even a ‘Doh’ moment down the road.

(Of course, these tips are only general guidelines meant to prompt you to dig your real warranties out of your junk drawers and read them.  Please see the warranty that accompanies your system.)

1) Skipping service.  One way to void your manufacturer’s warranty is by skipping service.  Your manufacturer knows the value of annual maintenance.  Your furnace needs a tune-up every fall and your air conditioner needs one each spring.  Your manufacturer may also require documentation that you have maintained your system according to the requirements set forth in the warranty.
2) DIY repairs.  Another way to void the entire warranty is to order parts online and complete repairs to your system yourself.  You may save a few dollars now but void your warranty in the process.
3) Throwing away proof of purchase.  The receipt or other proof of purchase may be required to have service covered by your manufacturer’s warranty.
4) Installing a system without a license.  A licensed HVAC contractor must install new systems or components.  Any system or component that is installed by someone without a license will void the warranty for the entire system.  Don’t risk your investment to anyone but a reputable professional.
5) Moving your system.  It may seem easier or a good way to cut cost during a renovation, but moving your system yourself is not only dangerous, but it will void your manufacturer’s warranty, as well.
6) Altering your system.  Don’t change your system or use it for unintended purposes.  We don’t know what you want to use it for, but doing so will void your warranty.
7) NOT registering.  Some manufacturers may offer extended warranties if you register your system within a certain period after purchase.  We know of at least one major manufacturer who offers an additional 5-year parts limited warranty if you register the system within 90 days of purchase.  Don’t miss the chance to extend your warranty in this case.

Do yourself a favor and heed our advice.  Find your warranty today and give us a call.  We can be out to service your system tomorrow, and whatever you do, don’t try to fix, move, or build a spaceship out of your furnace or air conditioner.