Problem: “Hard Water,” which contains calcium or magnesium, causes two problems: (1) It causes “scale” to form on pipes, which doesn’t conduct heat well and reduces the flow through the pipes. Eventually pipes can become completely clogged. (2) Hard water also reacts with soap to form a sticky scum, and this reduces the soap’s ability to lather.

Difference between EasyWater and Softeners
EasyWater is a water conditioner that physically changes the minerals in water to prevent them from forming scale. A traditional water softener replaces calcium and magnesium (known as “hardness”) with sodium or potassium. EasyWater conditioned water does not feel the same as salt softened water. It provides a smooth, clean feel and does not leave a soapy film feel the way a salt type softener does.

How does Easy Water work? In untreated water the minerals fall out of solution and float around in the water. These minerals look like tree branches, have an electrostatic charge on their surface and want to stick to other objects like your pipes. EasyWater treatment causes the minerals to fall out of solution and combine together with each other. As a result, these larger but still microscopic minerals look like discs or Frisbees, lose their electrostatic surface charge and thus their ability to stick to things. The minerals simply float with the water down the drain and do not stick to your piping, water heater or other water using appliances.

Removing Existing Scale. EasyWater treatment causes the water to be stable and under saturated. This gives the water the ability to dissolve existing scale buildup as it flows through your home. About 80% of water exists as water molecule clusters held together by hydrogen bonds. EasyWater breaks these hydrogen bonds and causes the water molecule clusters to become individual molecules, which re-dissolve the existing scale deposits.

Keep Beneficial Minerals. EasyWater does not add or remove anything from your water. With EasyWater you get many of the benefits of soft water but are able to keep beneficial minerals in the conditioned water.

Benefits of EasyWater systems:

  • Benefits your health
  • Benefits the environment
  • Benefits your wallet
  • Maintenance free
  • No plumbing
  • No floor space

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