Are You Spending Too Much Money on Your Air Conditioning?

No one wants to sacrifice the little extras in life in order to stay within a budget or save for college funds or future retirement plans.  Why should you have to, when you can save money on the cost of your air conditioning?  Here are several ways to keep your home cool AND still have money left over.

Ways to Save on Your Air Conditioning

• Tune-It Up. Spend a little money now to have your air conditioner tuned-up annually.  A tune-up can save you money in lower utility bills and by identifying problems before they cause expensive breakdowns.
• Replace Your Air Filter.  A dirty air filter makes it harder for your air conditioner to cool your home.  Think of your air filter as a screen.  If the screen is dirty, it is harder for air to flow through it.  Change it the same day every month, so it is easier to remember.
• Shade Your Outdoor Unit.  Place a trellis or place tall plants near your outdoor unit to keep it working in the shade.  Cooling off the physical temperature of your unit can increase its efficiency by almost ten percent.
• Consider Sealing Your Ducts.  Keep the air that you have spent the money conditioning by scheduling to have your ducts sealed and insulated.  A licensed professional will locate and seal areas of your ductwork that are leaking, saving your money long term. The Department of Energy claims having your ducts sealed will pay for itself and start returning on your investment in less than three years.
• Use the Ceiling Fan Sparingly.  Ceiling fans don’t lower the temperature of the room, but they do make you feel cooler.  Save money by keeping your home at a higher temperature by using ceiling fans when you’re in the room.
• Install a Programmable Thermostat.  Lower your utility bill significantly by setting your thermostat a few degrees warmer when you are away from home.
• Cut the Lights.  Keep the blinds drawn, the lights low, and heat producing appliance usage to a minimum when it is hot outside.  The logic here is simple avoid raising the temperature of your home when you’re paying to lower it.
• Keep the Cool Air In.  Consider increasing the insulation in your home.  Insulation will help keep the conditioned air in during the summer months, and cold air out during the winter.
• Schedule a Duct Cleaning.  Having your ducts cleaned is similar to changing the air filter in your system.  It makes it easier for cold air to flow through your home.  It also improves the quality of your system is recirculating into your home.
Call us to schedule a duct cleaning, or for our professional advice on how to make the most out of the money you spend on your air conditioning.