Energy efficiency is a must for your finances and for the environment. One major way to ensure maximum energy efficiency is to make sure that the duct system in your home is properly maintained.

There are two ways to properly maintain your ductwork: ductwork cleaning and ductwork sealing. Both of these procedures should be done regularly. If your ducts are left unmaintained, it could lead to more costly repairs later on, and possibly a full replacement of the entire system.

Experts recommend hiring a professional duct cleaning service to take care of your duct system. A high-powered vacuum is used to put the system under negative pressure, then long brushes with motorized heads are inserted into the ductwork. These brushes loosen dust, debris and other sediment, which are then vacuumed out of the ducts. This process is done from multiple access points throughout your home to ensure a thorough cleaning.

Another reason to hire a professional duct cleaner is mold. Special equipment is needed to remove mold from your system, as well as to prevent it from spreading. Removing dust, debris and mold not only improves the energy efficiency of your system, but also improves the indoor air quality of your home. No dust is kicked up in the process, so the professionals can leave your home even cleaner than it was before.

Every duct system will have tiny gaps in the seams that can cause treated air to leak, causing higher utility bills and forcing your system to work harder to keep your home at the correct temperature. In fact, according to Energy Star, it is estimated that this can account for 10% to 25% of energy waste in your home.

Duct sealing is another way to ensure greater energy efficiency in your home. Duct maintenance professionals will inspect your system for tiny holes around the seams and joints. There are several solutions that the technician may use.

Duct tape is surprisingly not the best option for the job. There are heavy-duty foil tapes that will stay in place and won’t deteriorate as quickly as duct tape. Your technician may also use sealant, also known as mastic, to seal the seams and joints properly. This special type of sealant will expand and contract in accordance with the temperature.

As time goes by, your house is constantly shifting and settling. Every step you take and every piece of furniture you add or move can make the floor move slightly. This makes the ductwork shift and come apart over time. It’s because of your ever-changing home that the ductwork must be checked regularly for leaks to ensure maximum energy efficiency.

Make an appointment with a trust-certified technician at Blind & Sons to have your ductwork inspected, cleaned and sealed as necessary to lower energy costs, eliminate waste and promote healthy indoor air quality.

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