What if you never had to worry about losing power again?

Imagine never worrying about keeping your family warm during a harsh winter snowstorm or trying to find a flashlight during a bad thunderstorm.

A whole home generator can provide you with more than a reliable, safe power-source for your entire home.

Imagine the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you are never at the mercy of the weather in your home.

A modern, whole home generator is also more consistent and reliable than the clunky, portable, gas or propane powered models of times past.

At Blind and Sons, we recommend Kohler whole home generators for their superior reputation and award-winning reliability.  A 14/20 kW Kohler generator will keep your heat, AC or security system running in addition to safely powering your appliances and other technology in your home.

Consider the additional benefits when deciding if a whole home generator is a good fit for your home.

• Keep essential lines of communication open like wired security systems and alarms, during a bad storm or emergency.

• Never worry about losing food during a power outage.

• Works whether you are home or away- many models allow you to monitor your energy use remotely.

• Runs on your home’s existing LP or natural gas supply- no need to transport gasoline.

• Available in a variety of sizes to power your whole home.

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