When the sun sets on a warm and beautiful evening, you don’t want to head indoors just yet. With great outdoor lighting, you can continue to enjoy your deck, pool or yard after dark — and Blind & Sons can help. We can design and install outdoor lighting that is customized for your home, helping you make the most of your summer nights.

If you’d like to light up your nights in the yard, here are some simple ways to generate bright ideas:

  • Take a walk around your yard and consider where lighting might be most effective.
  • Select a focal point or main element that you could design your lighting around. A good option may be a large tree or a main entrance.
  • Take a look at your house numbers at night — adding some light here may help visitors locate your home after dark.
  • Consider what kind of mood you’d like to set on your patio or deck — bright and festive or warm and romantic?
  • Browse catalogs and magazines, and take a look at what some of your neighbors have done, and you may see something that will spark a great idea for your own home.

Once you have some ideas for the outdoor environment you’d like to create, take a look at the kinds of lights that could help bring your plans to life. Here are just a few of your options:

  • LEDs — A recent trend in outdoor lighting is light-emitting diodes, or LEDs. LEDs are not intended to produce a large amount of light, but are often used for effect, style and design. An added perk is that most LED lights are programmable.
  • Reflector lights — If you want to cast a lot of light, reflectors can do the job for you. However, an important difference between LEDs and reflectors is their energy use; the reflector light uses a 35-watt lamp while the LED uses one watt.
  • Low-voltage lights — This is another popular trend in outdoor lighting. While most homes use 120 volts of power, low-voltage lighting uses about 12 volts, eliminating the need for deep trenches that hold the wiring. These lights can be used for down-lighting (lighting things underneath the light source) or for up-lighting (lighting things above).

Regardless of your vision for outdoor lighting, Blind & Sons can make it happen. Our experts will be happy to design a unique plan that fits your needs, install all of your fixtures and provide you with countless beautiful, safe and energy-efficient options to light up your nights.

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