Most people don’t realize that up to 15% of the value of their home is impacted by the condition of their plumbing. Do what you can now to maintain your drains and avoid repair costs and extensive restoration projects later.

If left untreated, problems in your plumbing can destroy your cabinets, walls, floors and wreck the resale value of your home.

Tackle these tasks in 15 minutes or less to keep your drains clear.

1. Install drain guards to catch hair in shower drains. For around two dollars at your local hardware store and five minutes of your day, you can avoid the messy chore of removing hair clogs later.

2. Remove and clean the stoppers in your sinks. If you have a slow flowing bathroom sink, it is likely because the pop-up stopper is clogged with debris. If it has been awhile or if you have never cleaned the pop-up stopper, you may need to remove it first. You can remove it by disconnecting the pivot rod underneath the sink. Clean the stopper and pull any loose debris out of your sink and then reconnect the pivot rod.

3. Flush boiling water down all drains, with the exception of toilets and any porcelain sinks, to avoid cracking the fixture. Do this once a month to clear gunk before it even has a chance to build up.

4. Remove and clean the p-traps underneath your sinks at least once a season. The p-trap is the curved pipe underneath your sink that acts as a trap and stops gasses from coming back up through your pipes. It also traps large debris before it has a chance to enter your plumbing and lodging further down your drainpipes. The p-trap is fairly simple to remove and clean. First, place a bucket or even a paint tray underneath to catch water and debris, and then simply loosen the joints attaching it to the surrounding pipe and pull down. You can now remove hair and debris from the trap as well as the pipes still connected to the sink.

Sometimes, despite your best intentions and efforts to maintain your drains, you will come across a clog too big to get out on your own. That’s what Blind and Sons is here for. We hope you will give us a call.