Your furnace has stopped giving you that warm fuzzy feeling. Sounds like it may be a good time for an upgrade or repair, don’t you think? Don’t wait until your furnace leaves you high and dry on a chilly fall or winter night.

It may be time to bring in a replacement if your furnace is showing any of these signs:

• Angry shouting
Old furnaces often start to make weird noises as they get towards the end of their life. Squealing, popping, and banging noises may come from your furnace indicating it’s probably time for your furnace to be replaced.

• A strong odor
If you smell a strong gas smell call a professional right away! You could have a leak in your furnace’s heat exchanger, which may be a very serious problem.

• Your electric bills are sky high
If your electric bills made it to the moon your furnace probably lost its efficiency as it aged. As a result your furnace may run longer to provide the same amount of heat.

• Hot flashes
Hot and cold spots are popping up in your home. Some areas of your home may not heat as quickly and efficiently as others as your furnace becomes less effective.

• Dust bunnies are appearing
You may notice dirt and dust building up quickly because older furnaces often lack the ability to filter the air in your home.

• You have your repairman on speed dial
Your furnace has needed frequent repairs. In this case you may benefit more from replacing it as it becomes more expensive to maintain.

If these signs sound familiar give us a call or schedule a heating repair online. We will send one of our technicians out to your home.