When toilets clog, most Akron homeowners reach for their trusty plunger. In many cases, that’ll be enough to get the job done.

But, what should you do when a plunger doesn’t cut it? Call for a certified plumber? Use other, less conventional methods of drain clog removal?

The plumbing contractors at Blind & Sons are here to help you, listing all of the do’s and don’ts when it comes to handling a toilet clog.

Do Not Use Chemical Drain Clog Removers

The first thing we want to cover is what to avoid doing when you encounter a toilet clog. Do NOT use a commercial chemical drain clog remover. The main reason to avoid doing this is that chemical cleaners are simply an extremely caustic mixture of components that are crafted to eat through and dissolve a clog.

Will they do this? In some cases, yes. But they can also damage your pipes! Whether you have PEX, galvanized steel, PVC, or another type of pipe, chemical removers can seriously harm your home’s plumbing system, potentially taking years or decades off of the lifespan of your pipes.

So, instead of using caustic chemicals to dissolve toilet clogs, try some of these easy clog removal tricks.

Easy Toilet Clog Removal Tricks

Before calling on a local plumber in Northeast Ohio, try using:

  1. Hot water. The first, most straightforward approach simply involves hot water. Be sure to use hot water from your tap. Do not boil the water, as this can crack your toilet and cause much more damage.
  2. A solution of lemon juice and baking soda. Unlike the harsh chemicals in commercial clog removers, the chemicals present in lemon juice and baking soda can be soft enough to break down clogs without harming your pipes.
  3. A closet auger. Closet augers are basically a smaller-scale drain snake—the tools used by professional plumbers. These are typically operated by a crank or with the aid of a power drill. They can be especially at removing stubborn clogs.

Fighting Toilet Clogs Regularly? Schedule a Drain Cleaning

If your home’s toilets are regularly clogging, schedule a professional drain cleaning to remove more deep-rooted blockages and restore your home’s plumbing system. Commonly, toilet clogs can arise from buildup that has accumulated in your pipes over the course of years or even decades.

That can mean that toilet clogs become worse and more frequent over time as the pipe buildup continues to grow. A professional drain cleaning can remove the problem for good, minimizing the chances of toilet clogs in the future.

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