Who loves broken and stinky garbage disposals?

Raise your hand.


(We’re guessing that unless you are also a plumber, your hand is not raised).


At the rate people stuff cornhusks, potato peels and coffee grounds into their disposals- we were beginning to think everyone enjoys plumbing repair bills.

Keep reading for our tips to extend the life of your garbage disposal and avoid embarrassing yourself during the holiday cooking season.

1. Do not attempt to grind the following foods, ever. Build up of these foods WILL eventually cause your disposal to clog: grease, cheese, fibrous foods such as corn husks, celery, onion skins or asparagus, potato peels, foods that expand with water including bread and rice, coffee grounds and meat bones.

2. Make it easier for your garbage disposal to grind food, and it will thank you with years of extended use. Cut large food items into smaller pieces and ‘feed' food into your disposal in small amounts instead of all at one time.

3. Keep your blades sharp with ice! That’s right, tossing a few whole ice cubes into your disposal several times a month or when it is being used more frequently, will sharpen the blades.

Did you do everything right and still get a clog? (Sigh.)

Sometimes your garbage disposal just has a mind of it’s own. Click here to schedule service or give us a call. We are happy to help you tame it.