Do-it-yourself projects are common and a great way to save money around the house and pick up some bragging rights in the process. However, some projects should be left to the pros- like anything involving the electrical systems in your home.

The cost of making a serious mistake is too high when working with electricity. Even a seemingly simple project could result in fire or worse- and you may not know there is a problem until it is too late.

According to the National Fire Protection Association, 47,700 electrical fires occurred in homes in 2011, 29% of these fires ended in injury or death.

While here at Blind and Sons, we do not recommend that you undertake electrical projects around the house without the proper training and expertise, we do recommend that you learn the early warning signs of electrical problems to come.

We hope that you find the following warning signs of electrical problems in your home eye opening. And as always, if you have any questions about the status or safety of your home’s electrical system- do not hesitate to contact a professional electrician. If you live in our Northeastern Ohio service area- give Blind and Sons a call.

1. Flickering Lights- Most often, a single flickering light can be fixed by tightening a loose connection or replacing the light bulb. If you have more than one light that flickers or an entire light fixture that is causing your problem, you may have a wiring problem or faulty fixture on your hands. We recommend contacting a certified electrician to evaluate the wiring in your home.

2. Faulty Electrical Outlets- Sometimes an electrical outlet can stop working due to a simple overload. First, try resetting your circuit breaker or by pushing the reset button your GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) on modern outlets.

If resetting your circuit breaker or GFCI doesn't fix your problem, a burned out, or faulty outlet may be to blame. We don't recommend using the outlet again until it has been checked or replaced by a professional electrician.

3. Hot Outlets, Fixtures or Switches- an outlet, fixture or switch that is hot to the touch, sparking or scorching may be early warning signs of an electrical fire or unsafe wiring. Try disconnecting power to the outlet at the circuit box and do not use the outlet again until it is evaluated or replaced by a professional.

For more electrical safety tips and information, please visit our website or blog. We offer electrical, heating, cooling and full plumbing services including drain cleaning and repair. If you live in Akron, Canton or our Northeastern Ohio service area, please give Blind and Sons a call or schedule online here.