What if they had it all wrong?

What if Superheroes did exist?

But instead of wearing capes and leaping tall buildings in a single bound, some modern day heroes wield wrenches and weld plumbing with the aid of a single blowtorch.

After all, plumbers DO provide all of Northeastern Ohio with clean, safe water.

And we think clean, safe water is a pretty big deal.

We happen to think our plumbers here at Blind and Sons are a pretty big deal as well.

While we aren’t exactly sure as to the origins of our plumber’s super powers, we think most of them would agree- some are born to rule the water (aka be a plumber) when they grow up.

Think you may have hidden genius within? Keep reading to discover if you were born to be a plumber.

1. You have ever dressed up as Mario OR Luigi for Halloween (or just for fun, too).

2. You think fixing things is cool and spent hours as a teenager taking your bike/car/major home appliances apart to see how they ‘worked.’

3. The idea of sitting behind a desk everyday bores you to tears.

4. Speaking of tears, you love all things water related.

5. You dug digging holes and playing in the mud as a kiddo.

6. You agree that “a little dirt never hurt.”

7. You enjoy saving the day, which our plumbers do on a daily basis.

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