Spring weather is finally here, and it won’t be long now before summer comes calling right behind it. Is your cooling system ready to beat whatever heat this year decides to cook up? If not, the team at Blind & Sons has some things to tell you!

Why Is a Spring Tune-Up Important?

We know you’ve probably heard a time or two that you should be getting maintenance on the regular. But what we often notice is that many HVAC contractors don’t really seem to want to tell you why. Here at Blind & Sons, we find that a bit silly, since if you don’t know the why, why should you care?

First up, tune-ups and AC maintenance are the keys to keeping your system operating at its best, and that’s not just words. It’s a cold fact that more than half (closer to most) of the repair calls we get are from homeowners that didn’t get a spring, or even late summer, tune-up. The cleaning and calibrations play a big part in keeping your system on its toes and running right, so that’s really the biggest reason of them all.

Past dodging a breakdown, there’s efficiency to consider as well. A cooling system that has gotten proper maintenance will work faster and more effectively, delivering cooling power as is appropriate and getting your home comfortable in good time. This directly translates to less energy wasted, which is both good for the environment and good for your bank account!

But Why Spring?

Mostly, it’s just the best time overall. First off, you beat the rush. Once summer kicks into gear in Ohio service calls become far more common, meaning contractors are very busy. That makes scheduling a bit harder, meaning you might struggle to find a good time for service in the summer.

Additionally, and more importantly, it gets things handled now. When you kick on your cooling system you want it running at its best right from the start, immediately saving you money through better efficiency and avoiding the dreaded first-day of the season breakdown. There’s nothing worse than hitting that first really horrible summer day only to then in that moment find out that your cooling system is on the fritz. A tune-up would have detected and fixed that, preventing from ever happening!

Spring AC Maintenance in Cleveland & Akron, Ohio

Our experts are on call and ready to serve this spring in Cleveland and the surrounding areas! Are you ready to get your system calibrated, cleaned, and ready for action? We’re ready to help, so contact us online now to set a date for spring service!