Blackouts can happen at any time throughout the year, especially during severe weather. Some simple preparation can mean the difference between riding out a blackout with ease and bringing your life to a dark, grinding halt.

  • Keep candles and flashlights close by in every room. All the preparation in the world will all be for naught if you can’t see where you’re going and find your supplies.
  • Keep a large cooler and a freezer full of ice. One of the biggest nuisances of a prolonged blackout is the loss of a refrigerator full of food. Put the ice from your freezer in the cooler, and put as much perishable food as you can fit into the cooler.
  • Stock up on water. A loss of power can also mean a loss of clean water. If the blackout is long-term, you have to stay hydrated, and bottled water is your only option.
  • Have cash put aside. A city-wide blackout may mean that ATMs are no longer working.
  • Keep a cupboard full of blankets. If the blackout occurs in the winter, you may be stuck in a cold home. Make sure to have warm clothes and plenty of blankets on hand.
  • If you don’t want to mess around with blackouts at all… consider a backup energy generator. Blind & Sons can install a Whole Home Generator so you never have to be left in the dark again.

Power outages can be a major inconvenience. Your home’s heating, cooling, lighting, refrigeration and water are all affected by a power outage. Make the ordeal less of a pain, or eliminate the threat altogether!

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