With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, your thoughts are likely turning to all that you have to be thankful for.

We hope that list is long, and that after reading this- you will not forget to put central heating on that list.

Just a Few Reasons Why We Love Central Heating

• Cooler Décor. Have you ever noticed that the flooring in older homes is often covered up with heavy rugs or thick shag carpeting? That's because, before central heating, thick floor and window coverings helped to retain heat. Do you love the look of bare hardwood, laminate and ceramic tile? Thank Central Heating.

• Wide Open Spaces. You may also have noticed that room sizes are almost always much smaller in older homes too. Privacy had nothing to do with closed floor plans. Before central heating, rooms were kept small and centered around a radiant heat source, like a fireplace, to conserve heat.

• Personal Space. The existence of a single source of radiant heat in the main living area of many older homes meant that one room was often the warmest. If you wanted to stay warm during the winter, you had one choice of where to spend your time.

• Free Time. When was the last time you did something enjoyable or entertained in your home after 7pm? Can you imagine keeping a sunrise to sunset schedule? Before central heating became a popular and affordable source of heating, people were forced to go to bed much earlier to conserve heat- or even just to stay warm.

We hope our list inspires you to create your own and that you have much to be thankful for this season.

We are thankful for you- and would be honored to help you with any of your heating needs. Click here to schedule service or call.

Happy Thanksgiving,

Your Friends at Blind & Sons