The start of fall is the perfect time to take steps to prevent mold and clean up any existing problems in your home. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, there is no practical way to eliminate all mold spores, but some simple household maintenance can keep molds from reaching harmful levels.

The first step toward prevention is learning what causes mold and where it is most likely to be found. Keep in mind that the root of all mold problems lies in an improper balance of temperature and moisture. While mold spores are always present in the air, it’s when these spores come in contact with moisture that mold can quickly begin to multiply.

How many of these common sources of mold are present in your home?

  • Water leaks, especially those that are slow or hidden by ceilings, walls or floors
  • High humidity
  • Flooding
  • Excess moisture created by cooking
  • Bathrooms without sufficient ventilation
  • Improperly vented clothes dryers
  • Carpet on concrete floors
  • Ducts throughout the home
  • Crawl spaces or other closed areas beneath houses

Correcting any areas in your home that show signs of potential mold growth is essential to keeping your home and family healthy. If mold has already started to appear, a few important steps can take care of the problem, as long as it has not spread over a very large area.

Eliminate a mold problem quickly and carefully with these steps:

  • Identify and fix the source of the mold, whether that means stopping a leak, installing proper insulation, improving ventilation or even adjusting the exterior slope of the landscape surrounding your home
  • Close off unaffected areas to prevent the mold from spreading
  • Use regular household cleaners and wear a mask while removing mold
  • Completely remove all deteriorated materials that contain mold — any mold that isn’t removed will likely continue to grow and spread
  • Allow the areas you’ve cleaned to dry completely before attempting to fix any further damage
  • Replace affected materials with moisture and mold resistant materials
  • Have the duct work in your home professionally cleaned by Blind & Sons
  • Clean interior surfaces in your home, including floors, in order to capture mold spores — using a vacuum with a HEPA filter is especially helpful
  • Ask Blind & Sons to install HEPA filters in your heating and cooling system to help capture airborne spores

Whether or not you’ve ever encountered mold problems, you should routinely check your home for any signs of growth. When you know that you can identify and eliminate any potential mold growth, your whole family can breathe easy.

Source: Home Improvement Time, Inc.