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Part of the home buying process should involve checking a house’s features and major systems, including the electrical equipment and systems. This is important for ensuring the home is safe, up to code, and able to support your electrical needs.

If you’re shopping for a home, use this helpful home electrical checklist to make sure nothing is overlooked.

An Essential Electrical Checklist for New Homebuyers in Northeast Ohio

Here are the most critical electrical features and systems to check:

  • Electrical panel: Check the wiring, the breakers, and the fuses, looking for any signs of charring, burn marks, and other damage. Also, check for loose or warm breakers and a main disconnect switch.
  • Wiring: Inspect wiring for any fraying or signs of damage. If the wiring is aluminum, that could indicate that it’s decades old and time for rewiring.
  • Outlets: Check the wall plates and make sure there are safety covers on any outlets accessible to small children. Also, check if the outlets are overloaded, and check each plug to ensure it fits securely.
  • Switches: Check all switches to verify they are working.
  • Ground-fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs): Test GFCIs according to the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure they are working correctly.
  • Major appliances: Verify that the appliances are not plugged in where falling water may be an issue. Check each major electrical appliance to ensure it’s working.
  • Light bulbs: Check that each light bulb is the proper size and wattage for the fixture and that it’s screwed in securely.
  • Generator: If the home has a generator, be sure to inspect and test the system. Look for leaks, damaged wiring, startup problems, and system short-cycling.

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  • Inspecting home electrical equipment and systems
  • Identifying any potential problems homebuyers need to know about
  • Providing first-rate electrical repairs—whether we do the inspection or you get a long list of problems from the home inspector—to restore electrical equipment, fixtures, and systems

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