Kitchen faucet running in Akron home.

Buying a new home is a major investment. So, of course, you’ll want to check everything from the layout and the electrical system to the fixtures and the plumbing. To make sure you inspect all of a home’s critical plumbing equipment and systems, use this helpful new home plumbing checklist.

An Essential Plumbing Checklist for New Homebuyers in Northeast Ohio

Checking these key elements and systems can help you find and address any plumbing problems you should know about as you decide whether to buy a home and/or what to offer for it.

  • Water pressure: Run two faucets simultaneously and turn on the shower and/or bath to check the water pressure. Poor water pressure may indicate clogs or other plumbing problems.
  • Water temperature: Check the hot water temperature. It should be between 118˚F and 124˚. 
  • The water heater: Check the water heater for signs of rust and corrosion. Also, make sure the water heater is properly vented and sized for the home.
  • Visible pipes: Look for any signs of damage and leaks. Also, check the materials and floor around the pipes for any signs of stains or water damage.
  • The sump pump: Check and test the sump pump. If the home has a sump pump, it’ll be in the basement.
  • Drains and sewer lines: Check for water stains or damage on the floor around toilets and the area under sinks. Hire a professional plumber to do a drain and sewer line camera inspection to check for clogs or damage to the sewer lines, like corrosion, tree root intrusion, or other problems. Serious clogs and broken sewer lines can mean big headaches and costs later, so you’ll want to know about these issues before committing to buying a house.
  • Water lines: Check the joints and shut-off valves for leaks. Also, look at the pipe fittings to make sure the pipes are correctly connected. This may be another part of the homebuyer’s plumbing checklist that is best left to a pro.

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