In light of the release of a certain smartphone, our hearts and minds have turned to all things ‘smart’ that we can use to save money and make life easier around the home.

Of most interest to us, the smart thermostat has quickly become a favorite upgrade for the savviest and most energy-conscious of homeowners.

Why should you care?

“That sounds wonderful,” you may be thinking, but what can a smart thermostat do that your programmable thermostat isn’t already doing?


A programmable thermostat merely allows you to adjust the temperature around the times you or your family will be home.

A smart thermostat will ‘learn’ from your behaviors, allow you to control the climate of your home remotely, display your energy consumption in real-time and adjust itself based on things like changes in humidity.

There’s an app for that.

Smart thermostats can manage, not just control, your heating and cooling system remotely from your phone (or other web application).

Budget like a professional by keeping tabs on your heating or cooling costs real-time and tweaking the programming to see immediate results.

You can even plot out how much you could save by adjusting the temperature of your home a little here or there.

The moral of the story…

If you’re someone who is more interested in keeping up with the Jetson’s than you are with the Jones', a smart thermostat is a smart way to help you pay for your annual phone upgrade.