Springtime is beginning in northeast Ohio, and while we’ll be enjoying warmer temperatures, we may also have to deal with heavy spring rains. Now is the time for homeowners to take steps to prevent spring downpours from causing sewer pipe backups.

When precipitation is heavy, the ground may not be able to absorb the rains quickly enough, and the excess water enters our sewers — an interconnected system that carries both storm runoff and sanitary sewer waste.

Overhead sewer systems, which exit the home at eye level or above, are constructed with the prevention of sewer backup in mind. However, in many older homes, the sewer line exits the house at knee height or lower. In this case, there is much less of a slope from your plumbing to the city’s sewer lines, causing your home to be more prone to backups. So if you have an older home without an overhead system, you’ll want to be particularly careful to have your plumbing regularly checked for blockages, leaks or other issues.

Whether or not your home has an overhead system, your home’s sanitary service line, which connects your home’s system to your city’s, may require periodic maintenance. This could include rodding or root cutting, installation of cleanouts, or in some cases, replacement of some or all of the line.

Residential sewer problems often originate at cross connections — areas where the public water supply and a source of contamination or pollution meet. Backflow, or the reversal of the flow untreated water or other substances into your water system, is a potential threat at cross connections. The installation of a backflow prevention device, or BPD, can help to guard your home against this problem. Several different types and sizes of BPDs are available for different applications and health hazard conditions, but each one is basically a metal device that provides a physical barrier against backflow.

Without proper maintenance of your home’s plumbing and sewer lines, you could be dealing with inches or even feet of wastewater in your basement after a heavy spring rain. Call on Blind & Sons today for the expert plumbing solutions that will keep your home safe and sanitary. With our state-of-the-art video inspection equipment, we’ll pinpoint, diagnose and repair any problem.

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