Throughout the U.S., power surges are responsible for hundreds of millions of dollars in property damage every year. And believe it or not, the average home will experience over 20 energy spikes every day. 

Power surges may occur when your electric company switches power grids, or they may originate in your own home when the motors of large appliances like air conditioners and refrigerators turn off and on. But the most common — and certainly the most powerful — cause of power surges is lightning. Even distant lightning strikes up to one mile away can cause damage to the equipment in your home.

The standard voltage for most outlets is 120 volts, though currents will alternate, rising and falling in a predetermined rhythm. Normally, voltage will remain between 0 and 169 volts, but when a power surge occurs, voltage will exceed this range. As voltage increases, an arc of electrical current can occur within any of your home’s appliances. The heat generated in this arc will cause serious damage to electronic components, including circuit boards.

A surge can overload and short out the circuitry of your electronics and appliances in an instant. Even small, recurring surges can damage your electronics over time.
And as we continue to deal with the cold temperatures of winter in Northeast Ohio and our energy demands are at their peak, the risk of power surge damage is increased.

Just think of all the valuable equipment in your home that could be affected by power surges. From TVs, Blu-ray players and computers to A/C units, water heaters and refrigerators, your home is filled with items that rely on electric circuit boards. To protect all of your electronics and appliances, consider a whole-home surge protector.

A surge protector will regulate the voltage your electronic devices receive by blocking or grounding the voltage so that it remains safe for the equipment. Blind & Sons services and installs Sycom Whole Home Surge Protectors, which offer reliable protection for your home. Contact us to discuss this smart investment, and ask us about the lifetime warranty. Whether a surge enters your home through power lines, phone lines or cable lines, Blind & Sons can help you keep all your valuable electronic items safe.

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