We recently took some time to talk to you about maintenance agreements. What they are, what the typical perks of joining one can be, and even the impact it can have on your warranty. We also mentioned, more than once, that each company and contractor might offer a fairly different plan. Perks and offers can differ, among other things, and some are a bit more rudimentary than others.

Today we would like to go a little bit more in-depth on our maintenance program, or as we call it the “MVP” (Maintenance Value Plan).

Two Tune-Ups a Year

Though this is offered by most standard plans, it’s worth mentioning because it’s where a lot of the initial value comes from. Two tune-ups a year covers your cooling and your heating, be it standard forced-air or heat pump, and offers you all of the advantages that brings. There are repair and breakdown avoidance, warranty protection, efficiency boosts, and much more. Combined that’s a huge value, and the prevention alone can save you a bundle of stress and money both.

50% Off Service Calls

No one ever wants to deal with a breakdown or a home appliance complication. But whether any of us like it or not, things have a way of happening! We take the sting out of the whole process for our clients by including a flat 50% off on all of our HVAC diagnostic services (equates to $60 in savings), and the discount extends to electrical and plumbing services, too! Even further, should work need to be done we’ll take 15% off of the needed repair!

More Than Just HVAC!

We take pride in offering Ohio homeowners complete care and home service solutions. And we do not neglect this fact when it comes to our maintenance program! You’re getting your tune-ups, sure, but you’re also getting extended coverage and preventative services for plumbing and electric as well. That’s one maintenance program to cover your entire home, giving you peace of mind and tangible savings all in one.

Savings on Future Purchases

Loyalty is a big word around here for us. We are absolutely loyal to our clients (we wouldn’t last long, or feel good about it, otherwise!), and our clients are loyal to us as well. Members gain cumulative loyalty points any time they get a service. These points can accrue over time and go towards future HVAC purchases, so that when it comes time to get an AC replacement you can cut down on costs right off the top.

Complete HVAC Maintenance Coverage with Blind & Sons

Becoming a part of the Blind & Sons family is about more than just a tune-up or a bit of savings here or there. We care about your comfort, we care about your satisfaction, and we want to help save you money, too! Want to find out more? Contact us online or call (330) 753-7711 to find out more about our MVP today!