Smart washing machines, WiFi bathroom scales and robot vacuum cleaners – homeowners sure do have a lot of exciting technology-driven options at their fingertips. No doubt, these advancements can help make maintaining your household more convenient. However, you may find yourself wondering… is it really worth it? In terms of a smart thermostat, we sure think so. A smart thermostat like the iComfort® S30 can provide convenience and money-saving efficiency. Get to know the product’s capabilities, so you can make an informed decision for your own home.

Smart vs. Programmable Thermostats

Switching to a programmable thermostat can help improve your home’s energy efficiency. So if that’s the case, do you really need a smart thermostat? Here’s the main difference:

A programmable thermostat allows you to preset your HVAC system to run at minimal levels (warmer in the summer, cooler in the winter) during the typical hours you are away from home. Whereas, a smart thermostat enables you to remotely manage your HVAC system and can even sync with your phone’s GPS to adjust your settings to the comfiest temperature as you move into the range of your home. This allows you to increase efficiency based on your actual patterns as opposed to your standard schedule.

Many homeowners also find that smart thermostats are more intuitive and make the process of setting and adjusting temperatures much simpler. In fact, the iComfort S30 is compatible with Amazon Alexa so you can use your voice to control your furnace and air conditioner. Programmable thermostats, on the other hand, rely on a less user-friendly interface and changing your settings can feel a bit clunky.

Fight Against Allergens and Humidity

The iComfort S30 does more than just control your home’s temperature. It monitors your area’s air quality and pollen levels and automatically runs the fan when conditions get uncomfortable. Similarly, this smart thermostat can account for humidity. With its nifty Feels Like™ feature, it creates the temperature that you want to feel, rather than sticking to the basic temperature on the thermometer.

Be Proactive With Your HVAC System

Smart thermostats offer a lot of cool data for the numbers geeks out there. You can review daily and even hourly performance reports, as well as your historical data, to analyze your temperature ranges, how long your system runs each day and more. This is all to help you better manage your home’s efficiency and reduce energy costs. Additionally, the iComfort S30 offers active monitoring so you can get alerts when you need to change your filter, schedule maintenance or address a problem.

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