Here in Northeast Ohio, March came in like a lion last week with frigid
temperatures and several inches of snow. If it goes out like a lamb, you
may find yourself already turning on your cooling system in just a few
weeks. You likely haven’t used your A/C in months, which means it
probably has a lot of debris built up on its components and could have
a clogged drain, be in need of lubrication, or have other operational or
safety issues. Regardless of when you actually switch on the A/C, spring
is an excellent time to get your annual tune-up out of the way. Here’s

1. Improve Your System’s Efficiency

Your HVAC system is your largest expense in terms of energy bills. If
you’re interested in saving money (who isn’t?!), then an annual A/C
tune-up is the way to go. Airflow problems can decrease your system’s
efficiency by as much as 15%. During a tune-up, a qualified technician
with inspect, clean and adjust the unit’s blower components, look for
dangerous refrigerant leaks, lubricate components, calibrate the
thermostat and more. All of these small tweaks can make a big
difference on terms of efficiency.

2. Save on Potential Repair Costs

You know how getting an oil change and servicing your car can feel like
annoying expenses? Those necessary maintenance jobs pretty much
always cost considerably less than car repairs do though, right? It’s the
same with your cooling system. While your tune-up won’t eliminate
every possible problem, this small maintenance cost does give your
equipment the best shot for breakdown-free service going into its busy

3. Add Years to Your A/C’s Life

Being diligent about your A/C maintenance means that your unit is
always running as efficiently as possible with the lubrication required for
minimal wear and tear. In fact, yearly tune-ups can add as much as five
years to your equipment’s lifespan!

4. Make Sure Your Warranty Is Honored

Did you know that most manufacturers require routine maintenance in
order to validate your warranty? It’s true, without regular maintenance,
you may find yourself with with major system repairs that your
manufacturer won’t cover. Actually, manufacturers and HVAC
companies aren’t the only ones endorsing this service. The U.S.
Department of Energy, the EPA and ENERGY STAR® all recommend
annual tune-ups.

5. Beat the Summer Rush

Most people associate their cooling system with hot, humid summer
days. Makes sense… that’s when we need it the most. However, the
result is that a lot of people put off their maintenance until June or even
July. By scheduling now, you can ensure fast service and maybe even
qualify for some early bird deals.

Of course, perhaps the greatest benefit of an annual A/C tune-up is a
comfier home! Contact Blind & Sons to schedule your tune-up or to ask
us any relate A/C questions. We’re always happy to help!