It’s severe storm season–heavy downpours, strong winds and cloud-to-ground lightening make storms dangerous for the inside and outside your home. Your electronics can be damaged due to lightning strikes and electrical surges. Are you prepared?

  1. Tree Trimming Your electric company typically trims the neighborhood trees that could have branches snap and land on power lines due to powerful winds. However, you should still look around your yard to see if any trees have some dead branches or any branches that are slightly snapped. Call an arborist or carefully trim your trees and bushes to not only keep them healthy, but protect your home.
  2. Power Down for Safety When you hear of a severe thunderstorm threat in your area, immediately unplug any unnecessary appliances and electronics from their outlets, including computers. If there were a power surge due to a lightning strike, this can potentially fry any electronic that is plugged in—whether it is turned on or off.
  3. Surges Don’t Wait Did you know that a lighting strike up to one mile away can do damage to your electronics? Investing in surge protection for your home is vital when it comes to protecting your electronics and appliances, including your heating and air conditioning system. And we’re not just talking about having a couple of surge protection strips for your computer and printer.
  4. Invest in a Generator Don’t let your family be in the dark for too long—investing in a whole home generator like that Generac Generator, sold by Blind & Sons, will safely disconnect the utility line and power your home and needed electronics. Having a generator in your home at the ready will help your family stay out of the dark should the electricity be cut off due to high winds and lightning strikes.
  5. Homeowner’s Insurance Before storm season really starts to ramp up, become educated on what your homeowner’s insurance will cover and what gaps you might need to fill in. If you have any questions, make an appointment with your insurance adjuster to fill in any holes that there might be in your policy.
  6. Water Damage and Your Electronics If severe floods hit your home, to the point of standing water, do not go into the waters in your home until the utility company has removed the electrical meter from the socket in your home. (You could risk electrocution from walking into your home). If you’ve had any electrical equipment that was in the standing water for any amount of time, it is most likely ruined and unusable. Have a licensed electrician from Blind & Sons go through your home to survey the electrical system.

Take a little time to prepare your home for the summer storm season, and give Blind & Sons a call for the best service in Northeast Ohio so we can keep you connected and comfortable.