Clogged drains can be a drag, especially when your kitchen is the center of attention during the season! It’s important to remember to avoid things that clog drains, such as pasta and rice, grease, poultry bones, or items like celery, eggshells, and onions. We also know your bathroom can take a hit, too.

Things happen, and when the water starts standing in the sink, you know there’s a clog.

Here are a few tricks you can try for when small clogs do happen:

  • Baking Soda & Vinegar – Mix 1/3 cup of baking soda with 1/3 cup of vinegar in a cup. Immediately pour it down the clogged drain (the mixture will start to fizz quickly, so you don’t want to waste much time here). The fizzing of the mixture will help remove gunk, hair, and built-up grime in the pipes while you let it sit for at least an hour (best results if you can keep it overnight). Flush away with boiling water. This would be a great monthly maintenance project.
  • Bent Hanger Wire – Straighten a wire hanger as much as you can, then create a small hook at one end. Insert the hanger into the drain and start pulling out the gunk. (Warning: This is not for the faint of heart.) Tip: You want to be pulling the gunk/hair out, not pushing it further in. After getting out as much as you can, run hot water down the drain.
  • Boiling Water & Salt – Pour boiling water down the drain, and then add salt. The salt will help break up the clog.
  • Closet Auger/Drain Snake – This long, thin tube has a hook and/or bristles at the end that will clean the drain as you feed it into the pipes. Rinse with hot water after removing gunk.

If your pipes still seem to be draining slowly, this is a job for a professional plumber. That’s when you call Blind & Sons and allow our drain cleaning experts to come do the job for you.