When most people think about their HVAC system they think about heating or cooling their homes. They may not realize they are missing an opportunity to put their home’s HVAC system to work for them in other ways.

Your home’s HVAC system is continuously recirculating the air in your home. Incorporating an air purifier or cleaner into your home’s heating and cooling system is an effective way to convert your central HVAC system into an air filtration system as well.

You may be thinking, “But doesn’t my system already have an air filter now?”

While, yes, your central HVAC system does have an air filter, the air filter inside your system now is designed to protect your equipment, not purify the air in your home.

And as the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) notes, whole-home air cleaning or purifying devices are designed to remove pollutants from the air in your home.

There are a wide variety of different air cleaners and air purifiers on the market today, from mechanical and electrical to systems that use UV light to kill bacteria and viruses. While your benefits will vary based on the type of system you choose, you can expect to see the following three benefits of adding an air cleaner to your HVAC system.

1. Health Benefits: by reducing the amount of virus-sized particles and bacteria in your home, a whole-house air cleaner can help provide relief from these contaminants. Some whole-house air cleaners are up to 40 times more efficient than standard air filters.

2. Comfort: Installing a whole-house air filter helps reduce the amount of particles in your air meaning you can dust less and breathe easier in a cleaner home.

3. Energy and Potential Repair Savings: built-up dirt, dust and debris can damage your heating and cooling equipment and reduce its efficiency by up to 25%. Adding a whole-home air cleaner can help filter out harmful particles and reduce wear and tear on your system along with your energy bills.

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