When the hot water in your home stops running, fixing the problem ASAP is crucial to being able to cook, clean, and stay comfortable. Whether your water takes a long time to get lukewarm, or it’s not heating up at all, here are the most common causes of hot water problems in homes.

1. Sediment Buildup

The contaminants in water can buildup and solidify in water heaters over time. As this happens, it becomes far more difficult for water heaters to efficiently heat up water. Water softening agents can help fight this sediment buildup. Keeping the temperature of water heaters at 130˚ can also help.

When water heaters are at least 5 years old, they’re failing to heat water efficiently, and they start rusting, replacing the unit is usually the best fix.

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2.  A Failing or Broken Thermostat

Water heater thermostats have upper and lower elements, either of which can fail and cause hot water problems. A helpful way to determine if thermostat issues are causing water heater problems is to turn the thermostat all the way up and check the water temperature. If your water is still lukewarm or cold after doing this, a broken thermostat is likely to blame.

3. Broken Heating Elements

In electric water heaters, the heating elements can break, burn out, or simply stop working when a fuse blows out. It’s not uncommon for this water heater problem to occur with thermostat problems.

4. Leaking Gas Lines

In gas water heaters, leaks in the gas lines running to the appliance can be another source of hot water problems. Commonly, this issue will also cause a rotten-egg-like smell around the unit.

If you notice a foul odor by your water heater and you’re having problems with hot water in your home, contact an experienced water heater repair technician ASAP. Gas leaks are extremely dangerous and should be repaired immediately.

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