Water heaters are the hardest working, least appreciated appliances you own.  They run all day and night, every day of the year, to keep your showers hot, dishes clean and laundry sparkling.  Your water heater will spend its entire life hidden away in a closet, garage or basement- only to be thought of when it stops working.  We're here to help you keep that from happening and to remind you that water heaters need love too.

Why Should You Care?

Your water heater will need to be maintained annually to keep it running at its peak efficiency and to prevent it from rusting.  Sediment, dirt and minerals settle on the bottom of your tank over time and if left to build up- will decrease your heater’s efficiency and increase the likelihood that you will need to replace it early.

Rising utility bills aren’t your only concern if you neglect to maintain your water heater.  Rust could be corroding the insides of your equipment right now.  Your water heater can’t tell you this- but a highly trained plumber can. 

What to Expect from Water Heater Maintenance (Flush and Fill)?  

A thorough plumber will perform both routine and preventative maintenance during your visit.  You can expect your plumber to complete the following:

• Flush all of the water from your system and remove the sediment buildup from the bottom of your tank.
• Inspect around the tank for damage.  Check for leaks on the outside and beneath your water heater.
• Inspect all pipes to ensure they are connected securely.
• Test the valves, including the temperature and pressure relief valves.
• Inspect the anode rod in your water heater’s tank.  The anode rod acts like a magnet and attracts all of the molecules that cause corrosion if allowed to come into contact with your water heater’s steel shell.

We’re Here to Help.

We hate to see a water heater expire before its time.  Our hearts always break a little at the wasted potential- especially when the cost of maintenance is so low.  Most companies even offer maintenance plans to make the cost of annual maintenance even more reasonable.  We offer several of these plans to reward our loyal customers for caring for their systems.  Stop taking your water heater for granted and schedule your maintenance today.