Spring has come to Northeast Ohio, and that means summer is right around the corner. Over the coming weeks, we’ll all be spending more and more time outside. To make the most of sunny days, follow these Top 10 tips that will help you extend your spring cleaning plans beyond your backdoor.

  1. Give your windows a complete cleaning. Start by removing the screens and gently hosing off dust and debris. Then clean the glass, both inside and out. Try using a squeegee for a thorough clean with fewer streaks.
  2. Clear out your gutters. Avoid water damage to your home by making sure your gutters are free of debris, and run a hose down each spout to check for clogs.
  3. Check for rust. Take a close look at all of your home’s flashings, or metal seals, around roof joints, chimneys and skylights, and take care of any rust or holes you might find.
  4. Look for necessary repairs. Inspect the outside of your home for loose or broken siding or shingles, and check your fencing for holes, rot or any unstable pieces.
  5. Try a fresh coat of paint. Once you’ve given the outside of your home a once-over, raise the curb appeal with some new paint. You might even consider making a statement with a bold new shade for your front door.
  6. Clean your porches and decks. Sweep up, then use hot, soapy water or a power washer to remove any fungus or staining. Your outdoor furniture could probably use a good scrub as well.
  7. Get ready for grilling season. Some degreaser and a wire brush should be just what you need to get your grill back into prime condition.
  8. Clear the way. Sweep your sidewalks and hose off your driveway to remove the dirt and debris of winter.
  9. Weed and prune. Dust off your gardening gloves and tools — now is the time to tidy up your flower beds and tame your overgrown shrubs.
  10. Light up your nights. Enjoy your yard, even after dark. Call on Blind &  Sons to design and install custom outdoor lighting solutions.

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