What Causes a Sump Pump to Stop Working?Sump pumps are a staple in Akron and Northeast Ohio homes. In fact, these systems are essential to keeping basements free of leakage after a notoriously snowy Ohio winter.

Like all useful equipment, however, sump pumps can stop working at times, putting homeowners at risk of unwanted flooding.

If your sump pump has recently broken down, check out these common causes for sump pump failure, so you know whether it’s time for sump pump repair or replacement service.

Top 6 Causes of Sump Pump Failure

Many factors can lead to sump pump failures and malfunctions, including:

  1. Power failure: If there’s a power outage in your home, your sump pump may fail. The best solution for this is to have a backup generator for your home.
  2. Incorrect size: Some homeowners choose the wrong size sump pump, with many selecting one that is too big. Pumps that are too large will work harder for a smaller space, resulting in premature system failure. Likewise, systems that are too small will not work hard enough, leading to a shorter product life span.
  3. Switch issues: When your sump pump shifts positions inside the basin, the float can dislodge and cause the on/off switch to malfunction.
  4. Poor maintenance: If your system is poorly maintained, it will likely break down sooner than it would if it had the proper maintenance. Each manufacturer has different specifications for proper pump maintenance, so be sure to read your owner’s manual for specific guidelines.
  5. Frozen or clogged discharge lines: Sump pumps need a discharge line through which water can be pumped and exit the home. If this line becomes frozen or clogged, the sump pump will not be able to work effectively.
  6. Product defects: A fairly rare occurrence, product defects can present unwanted issues for homeowners when it comes to proper sump pump performance.

Ensuring your sump pump can effectively manage the flow of water to and from your home is extremely important, especially as homeowners approach wet seasons.

Whenever your sump pump breaks down, identifying whether you need repair service or a complete system replacement can help you save time and money as you prepare for the season ahead.

Sump Pump Replacement Versus Repair

If your sump pump is on the fritz, the decision to repair or replace can be daunting to make. While repairs will typically cost less, sometimes choosing a repair over replacement may not be the most economically strategic plan, especially if your system has needed many repairs over recent years.

In general, you likely need sump pump repair service if your system:

  • Makes strange noises
  • Has switch issues
  • Experiences electrical problems or a power failure

Alternatively, it’s likely time for sump pump replacement when your system:

  • Clogs excessively
  • Vibrates while running
  • Experiences a motor failure
  • Is at least 7 years old

Whether you need sump pump repair or replacement, it’s always best to get service from an experienced plumber. That’s because:

  • Specialty tools may be required to fix your sump pump.
  • Making a mistake when repairing or replacing sump pumps can cause more damage and problems in the future.

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