Though this past winter season is still hanging in there, locals of Cuyahoga County know very well that it’s not going to last. Soon will come the nice, comfy warmth of spring, but humidity and high temps will be right on its heels. Luckily you’ve got your air conditioner prepped and ready to take on the summer season for the year! Don’t you?

If you don’t yet, then don’t worry—Blind & Sons is here to help you set up your system for success!

Why Do I Need to Get My AC Ready?

Thinking it’ll be fine when you just set the system to “cool,” right? Well unfortunately that’s often not the case. Outside of long and heavy summers that put a high demand on your cooling equipment, the top of the year is actually one of the most common times we get flooded with repair calls. Why? It’s for many reasons, but they all tie back to the system just plain not being ready to get rolling.

Maybe it’s an unresolved or unnoticed issue that came from last year, maybe a component got jammed up during the winter hibernation, or maybe it’s something as simple as a dust clog that has developed over the past few months (this is actually one of the most common problems we see). All of these can be resolved if you prepare your system effectively, which helps you avoid discomfort and high repair costs.

How to Prep Your Cooling System for an Ohio Summer

Don’t worry about it too much—whether you run a central AC, heat pump, ductless system, or nearly anything else, getting it ready is fairly simple if you know what to do. Just follow this list:

  • Change your air filter to promote healthy air flow. This will not only protect from overheating and breakdowns, but it will also give the system an efficiency boost and help to keep your home’s air quality in check.
  • Inspect the outdoor unit. Any debris or hunks of dirt should be removed to make certain the system can rid itself of generated heat effectively, and fins should be straightened for the same reasons.
  • Give the system a test run. Wait until the temperature is a bit higher (when we start to see 65-70 is fine) and let it run for a good 30 minutes or so. During this time see if the thermostat is responsive and accurate, and listen closely for any unusual noises. Find a problem? Now is the time to get it handled!
  • Schedule a cooling system tune-up. We cannot stress enough the importance of a professional maintenance service. The annual cleaning, inspections, electrical testing, and performance evaluations offered by professional service are invaluable for avoiding high repair costs and unwanted breakdowns when the season gets in full swing.

Get Your Cleveland Home’s Cooling System Ready with Blind & Sons

Looking for a team of maintenance specialists to handle your cooling system preparations this year? Contact the locally owned and operated HVAC team at Blind & Sons!