Air conditioningWhy Is My Air Conditioner Not Working? problems can happen when you least expect them. While minor issues can cause your AC system to operate less efficiently, more serious problems can prevent it from turning on. When that happens:

  • Figuring out the problem is key to restoring your cooling system and your comfort.
  • Here’s what you need to know about common AC problems and how to troubleshoot them.

Top 5 Air Conditioner Problems & Helpful Troubleshooting Tips

  1. Electrical problems: A common reason that AC systems don’t turn on is that they simply don’t have the power they need to operate. This can be caused by any number of issues, from a tripped breaker or electrical panel problems to wiring problems with the air conditioner itself.
    • Troubleshooting tip: Check the switches on your electrical panel to see if any have been tripped. If so, reset the switch, and see whether your AC unit turns on once that’s done.
  2. Thermostat problems: When thermostats go bad or their settings are off, cooling systems may not switch on. Sometimes, thermostat problems may be caused by wiring issues.
    • Troubleshooting tip: Check your thermostat settings, and readjust them if needed.
  3. Condenser problems: The condenser, which is the outdoor unit for your AC system, may experience problems when it’s clogged with debris, the fan motor goes out, or the thermostat has problems (or isn’t properly set).
    • Troubleshooting tip: First, check your thermostat’s settings. If they are correctly set, go outside and walk around your condenser, removing any leaves or other debris that’s near the system.
  4. Low refrigerant levels: Just like your car, your AC system needs special chemicals to keep it cool. While AC refrigerant levels can run low over time, they may also run low when there are leaks or other refrigerant system problems.
    • Troubleshooting tip: Contact an air conditioning contractor. With this AC problem, it’s best not to troubleshoot a fix yourself. Refrigerant can be dangerous and volatile when mishandled, so don’t put yourself at risk by trying to check it.
  5. Frozen coils: When your AC coils are freezing up, there may be airflow problems, low refrigerant levels, or even issues with how the fan is operating.
    • Troubleshooting tip: This is another air conditioner problem that’s best left to the pros. Even if you could verify that the coils are frozen, you would still need an expert to diagnose and fix the underlying cause of the problem.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to reasons that air conditioning systems don’t turn on. If your AC won’t turn on—or it’s simply not running as it should, the experts at Blind & Sons are ready to diagnose and repair the problem. When it comes to AC problems, we’ve seen and fixed it all!

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