Avoid Summer Power Outages with a Generac Generator

Have you experienced a major storm that has knocked out power for days? If you have, you know that life can become very difficult, very fast. Learn about how you can protect your house and family from power outages forever!

Summer power outages can be a nuisance. And winter power outages can be downright dangerous, especially when temperatures outside are below freezing and your heat is out. In these situations, a backup power generator can be an absolute lifesaver.

There is still a tremendous amount of confusion among homeowners when it comes to residential generator options. To complicate the situation even more, today¹s homes use tremendous amounts of electricity. Thankfully, today¹s generator manufacturers seem to have the situation under control. Not only have they made it easier to choose the right generator for your house, their generators are now fully equipped to meet the needs of the modern home.

One of the first questions that homeowners ask is ³what size of generator do I need?² Generac, our manufacturer of choice, can give you a ballpark figure with just a couple of clicks of your mouse. Just go to http://www.generac.com/for-homeowners/home-backup-power/build-your-generator. After you¹ve got an idea of what size generator you¹ll need, your next move should be to call a qualified Blind & Sons electrician and we can come out and give you an estimate on what installation might look like.

How Will it Work With my Highly Sensitive Devices?
Many electronic items like flat screen TVs and laptops can be sensitive when it comes to the power used to operate them. Many newer-generation generators are equipped to supply power that won¹t adversely affect sensitive devices or systems. Check with your Blind & Sons electrician to ensure that the generator model of your choice will supply power that will work in harmony with your current electronic items.

Quality whole home backup generators are not cheap, but they don¹t have to break the bank. Today¹s generators have more horsepower than their predecessors, so that they can handle homes with larger HVAC systems. And, as the power has increased, the prices has decreased. When weighing the issue of price it is important to consider factors such as safety, convenience, and health concerns. Can you really afford to be without a backup power source during the frigid northeast Ohio winters?

To learn more about backup generators, go to https://www.blindandsons.com/whole-home-generators or call one of our friendly staff members today. Did we mention that we¹re currently running a special offer on whole home backup generators? Right now, you can take an additional $1000 off any generator 10kw or larger