Flooded basement of home. 3d concept Northeast Ohio gets an average of more than 42 inches of rain a year – and much of that comes in heavy downpours. Many Akron area homeowners know from experience the plumbing issues that often accompany a sudden intense rain that strains drain systems. The good news is you can protect your home by preparing ahead of time for these post-rain problems. Here are three to be aware of. If you are already experiencing a plumbing problem that requires professional attention, call the trusted experts at Blind & Sons now at (330) 753-7711.

Problem #1: Basement Flooding

Flooding is synonymous with heavy rain, and basements are often the victim. As a result, underground basements or utility rooms are generally equipped with a sump pump to prevent water damage. However, if yours is without one or it hasn’t been tested in a while, you’re putting your property at risk. Homeowners can check if theirs is working properly by pouring water into the crock. The sump pump should then turn on and begin pumping the water back out. If it doesn’t, a professional assessment is needed. Blind & Sons offers a complete array of sump pump services, including installation and maintenance checks.

Problem #2: Busted Pipes

One major problem that can arise early in the rainy season is broken pipes. The ground hardens during periods of little or no rain, then shifts once heavy downpours begin. That’s when pipes are risk of breaking, especially if they are older or already weakened from past damage. Water that is discolored or has a coppery taste, a mildew smell throughout your home, and a loss of water pressure are all signs of a busted pipe that shouldn’t be ignored. If you suspect your pipes are broken or susceptible to a post-rain break, contact your plumber right away.

Problem #3: Clogged Drains

Strong downpours inevitably stir up debris like trash, leaves and soil that can find their way into your sewer system and clog your drains. This can cause slow drainage and an unpleasant sewage smell. Stay ahead of clogs with regular drain cleaning and keeping gutters and rooftops free of any potential blockages.

Prepare with Akron’s Plumbing Professionals

With the March/April rainy season moving into full swing across Northeastern Ohio, homeowners need to be prepared. Blind & Sons can protect your home with preventative plumbing services, as well as emergency repairs 24 hours a day at no extra charge! For trusted plumbing expertise in Northeastern Ohio, schedule with Blind & Sons online any time. Need to discuss your particular needs with a specialist? Give us a call at (330) 753-7711.