Do You Need a Sump Pump in Your Akron Home?

Spring is just around the corner! But before you don your gardening gloves and start planting flowers, remember that melting snow and seasonal showers mean water levels are at their peak. If the water table around your house is high enough, water can seep into your basement and foundation – yikes! That is why homeowners often rely on sump pumps to keep their homes dry.

Does My Home Need a Sump Pump?

A sump pump eliminates moisture and prevents flooding. It is a fairly small pump, usually placed in basements, and designed to prevent flooding by removing water at periodic intervals. To install a sump pump, a plumbing professional digs a pit at the lowest point of the desired area so that all of the water that enters the area will flow into it. As water levels rise, the sump pump and the water is pumped out of the house. Makes sense, right? But how do you know if you need one? Here are five telltale signs:

  1. You have visible water marks on your basement walls
    If water stains are high on your basement walls, it’s probably a surface water issue. But when water seeps in low on the walls, the water is probably moving underground. Either way, a sump pump will get rid of that excess water if/when it happens again.
  2. Your basement has flooded before
    According to the American Society of Home Inspectors, it’s estimated that 60% of U.S. homes have some type of moisture in their basement. Does your basement or crawl space flood when it rains? A sump pump will help prevent floods that many homeowners face during rainy months. Basements should be as dry as possible in order to prevent mold, rot and other unpleasant conditions that degrade indoor air quality.
  3. You live in an area prone to flooding
    If you live in a very flat area, at low elevation or in a region with a high water table, then you’re probably at risk for flooding. It doesn’t take much for water to cause serious harm and thousands of dollars worth of damage.
  4. Your basement tends to be moist
    Whether you have your dream basement nicely carpeted and outfitted with the latest and greatest technology, or it’s just a basement stocked with old family photos and memorabilia from the past, it’s only a matter of time before a heavy downpour threatens to flood that space. Even if you haven’t experienced flooding yet, you may still want to consider investing in a sump pump, especially if your basement tends to be on the wet side.
  5. You’d like to add value to your home
    A sump pump that is in good working order makes the home more attractive to a potential buyer and might raise the property’s value overall. A basement that is kept dry is more likely to be structurally sound that one that floods nearly every time it rains.

Whatever you decide, just make sure to keep your basement dry! Sump pumps will not only help keep your belongings safe, but they also protect you and your family from potential health problems. It will prevent the growth of mold and mildew, and in some cases, black mold has been known to quickly grow in moist areas.

Want to talk to one of our technicians to find out if a sump pump is right for you? We’d be happy to help! And like all of our cozy home enhancements, our sump pumps come with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

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