How to Prep Your Home for a Generator

In today’s fast-changing world, being well prepared is your best defense against panic in an emergency. That’s why getting your Ohio home set up with a whole-house generator (now, before you need it) makes good sense. There is no time like the present to secure your future comfort, along with your home’s and family’s well-being.

With your new, professionally installed whole-home generator, you’ll be fully prepared in case of a power outage. Your power will stay on and run HVAC systems and other essentials, seamlessly and automatically. Whether power is out due to strong winds and tree limbs, utility company transformer issues, or some other cause, your home and family will be secure.

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Getting Ready for Your New Home Generator Installation: Easy Steps

1. Properly Size Your Generator

First, you’ll need to consider your electrical load requirements. How many kWh (kilowatt-hours) of electricity will it take to run your household? Sizing your generator properly means that you’ll be able to carry on in comfort (or even remain peacefully asleep) if an electrical outage occurs. You’ll need power for essentials, and for some nice-to-haves, which are different for every household.

Your list of home electrical needs may include:

  • Stove, oven, and/or cooktop
  • Refrigerator and freezer to keep food cold/fresh
  • Lighting, indoor and outdoor
  • HVAC for comfortable home heating and/or cooling
  • Security system to keep your home protected
  • Medical equipment
  • Sump pump to keep the basement dry
  • Well water pump
  • Computers to keep you productive
  • Phones and chargers to maintain communication
  • TV and entertainment electronics to keep the kids occupied
  • And more

The list can be long, and it’s easy to forget something—so let our certified electricians help you determine these details, and calculate exactly how much power you’ll need.  We’ll ensure your new generator has the capacity your home requires.

2. Consider a Transfer Switch or Power Management Control

Your whole-home generator works automatically when power goes out, providing a seamless source of electricity whenever you need it. Basically, these components control which circuits in your home get power at a given time. Our certified electricians can let you know if you will need these components, and install them, when they are helping you choose the right size generator.

3. Choose the Best Whole-House Generator

Based on your required electrical load, and the convenience features you would like, you can select a high-quality, workhorse generator from the Generac line. These generators are the most capable, reliable, and long-lasting in the industry. Your generator will bring you peace of mind now, and will be ready to support your home energy needs well into the future. Let the generator experts at Blind & Sons help you choose the right model.

4. Enjoy Expert Installation & Long-Term Peace of Mind

Your whole-house backup generator will take care of your family’s power needs automatically—day or night, whether you are home or away—whenever a power outage happens.

Where to Get Whole-Home Generators with Expert Installation in NE Ohio

At Blind & Sons, our friendly team of electricians is ready to help you calculate your electrical load and choose a whole-house standby generator with the necessary capacity. Then, our experienced electricians provide expert installation, to ensure your generator works as intended for many years to come. We stand behind our work with a comprehensive satisfaction guarantee.

Contact the electricians at Blind & Sons today to learn more about whole-home generator products. We sell, install, and service whole-house generators throughout the Northeast Ohio area. Call us at (330) 753-7711 now.

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