Duct Cleaning Q&A

Q: How much does a duct cleaning cost?

There are many prices out there for duct cleaning, and some of them are low-ball prices, like $39 for a whole-home duct cleaning. These prices only cover a small amount of supply vents which is typically the cleanest part of the system since it is filtered air.

Our prices include not only the supply side but the return air side which is the part of the system that pulls all of the dust and debris out of the air. We also include all of the main trunk lines. Our complete duct cleaning prices depend on the number of registers in the home. Call us to get a quote for duct cleaning services.

Q: Do you take before and after photos of my ducts?

We do have cameras available to show before and after. We inspect every system before we clean it to make sure that it even needs a duct cleaning.

Q: Do you offer duct sealing?

We do offer duct sealing at an additional cost. Contact us to get a price estimate for duct sealing service.

Q: How often should my ductwork be cleaned?

A: Typically every 5-7 years. However many factors can affect this including pets, the amount of people living in the home, smoking and other factors. Every home is different, that is why we inspect the ductwork before we clean it to see if you even need it.

Q: What is causing my ductwork to pop?

A: We like to call that noise “Tin Canning”. It is usually due to air pressure in the duct. A clogged filter, closed registers, or even the age of the metal can be a reason. A duct cleaning usually resolves the issue.

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