Ductless Cooling in the Akron & Cleveland Areas

Summers in Northeast Ohio are of the kind that never really let up. Heat, humidity, a scorching sun—we get it all! But ductless cooling, when handled correctly, can be more than a match for the long summers we deal with around here. Excellent efficiency ratings and high power rolled into one, and with a dependability anyone can appreciate. Are you looking for ductless cooling services from a team that can do it all? Then you’ve come to the right place because Blind & Sons is ready to bring you the best.

Count on the Blind & Sons team for:

  • Ductless cooling installation
  • Ductless cooling repair
  • Ductless cooling maintenance

Looking for a duct-free cooling solution you can count on? Contact your local Akron and Cleveland area AC contractors at Blind & Sons in Ohio today!

What Is Ductless Cooling?

Put in pretty simple terms, ductless cooling is essentially a type of heat pump unit. There’s an outdoor unit just like you’re used to, but when it comes to the indoor unit you get a wall-mounted smaller unit that contains a blower and refrigerant line in one. And, in most cases, there are multiple indoor units, all connected by wiring and refrigerant lines instead of traditional ducts.

This lets you deliver powerfully cool air anywhere you need it, and also affords you the benefits of zoning, meaning you can control each indoor unit’s output and cooling temperature independently. This means more efficiency, and far more control than anything else out there can provide.

Ductless Cooling Services in Akron & Cleveland

Ductless Cooling Installation

When properly selected and installed a ductless unit can offer tons of excellent benefits, and we’re proud to offer this option to our clients. Our experts can match you with a top of the line Mitsubishi ductless cooling system, bringing you all of the reliable power and cooling efficiency you could ever need, no matter what the summer tries to throw your way.

Ductless Cooling Repair

Is your ductless cooling unit causing trouble, failing to cool, or just not operating as evenly and effectively as you’re used to? No matter the issue, big or small, our service experts can assist! We combine top-tier diagnostic equipment with our experience in order to provide swift, cost-minded ductless cooling services that restore your comfort ASAP.

Ductless Cooling Maintenance

If you want your ductless cooling system to stay in tip-top, you want to ensure you’re getting seasonal maintenance on the regular. Our experts can provide the cleaning, calibration, and care that your system needs in order to keep on performing flawlessly each and every season.

Ductless Cooling in Akron & Cleveland, OH

At Blind & Sons, we’re not just about offering a “service.” We want to offer you the best service, and that means bringing the best products to the table, and the best support services we can muster in order to ensure you get the comfort you always deserve.

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