Electrical Equipment Q&A

Q: How do I know if my electrical panel is safe?

A: Get a qualified electrician to inspect your electrical panel yearly.

Q: When should I update my electrical panel?

A: Call a professional to evaluate it for you. It doesn’t take long and they should be able to give you options and check your service drop/meter to see if a panel change is all that is needed or a full service change is required.

Q: What is a GFI?

A: GFCI stands for Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter, and it means an outlet that can prevent electrical shock in wet locations such as bathrooms, kitchens and outdoor areas. A GFCI has two buttons: a test button and a reset button.

Q: What do I do in the case of a power outage?

A: Only use flashlights for emergency lighting. Candles are a fire hazard. Keep refrigerator and freezer doors closed. Turn off and unplug all unnecessary electrical equipment, including sensitive electronics. Turn off or disconnect appliances and other equipment in case of a momentary power “surge”. Leave one light turned on so you’ll know when the power comes back on.

Q: How can I tell if my wiring in my home is bad?

A: Breaker trips frequently. Frequently flickering or dimming lights. Electrical outlets should never be hot to the touch, never buzz, and never have char marks. Faulty cable splices, damaged or frayed wires, or cut insulation can be an extreme fire hazard.

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