Heat Pump Replacement in Akron & Northeast Ohio

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Is your home’s heat pump struggling, experiencing constant breakdowns, or generally failing to get the job done? If so, the specialists at Blind & Sons can offer just the solution you’re looking for — comprehensive and efficient heat pump replacement services! Our teams have been providing superior comfort solutions to Northeastern Ohio clients since 1937.  When you want reliable, reputable specialists and unmatched service, Blind & Sons is the HVAC company you want on your side.

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What Is a Heat Pump?

Heat pumps are fabulous for keeping your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. These devices utilize electricity to transfer energy from air-to-air, water, or geothermal sources. They are an energy-efficient, cost-effective option for homeowners who want to enjoy reliable year-round comfort for the lowest possible cost.

Heat Pump Replacement in Cleveland, OH

Has it been 15 to 20 years since you’ve replaced your heat pump? Are the repair costs for your current heat pump just too high? Or is your system simply failing to meet your comfort needs? If so, it’s probably time for a replacement. Whether you need help deciding if it’s time for a heat pump replacement — or you need help choosing and installing the right system, you can trust Blind & Sons for all of your heat pump replacement needs. At Blind & Sons, we are proud to offer Lennox brand heat pump systems for our Cleveland and Akron clients. It’s a brand you can trust for quality, dependable products, and a name we’re glad to have on our side! For heat pump installation that ensures you get top-pick systems, customized service, and superior workmanship, ours is the name you want to know. Need a heat pump installation or replacement? If so, rely on a reputable heat pump service company in Akron that will provide the best service and get the job done right the first time.  Call (330) 753-7711 or contact Blind & Sons online!

Is a Heat Pump the Right Choice in Ohio?

If you’re considering replacing or installing a heat pump in an existing home, you’re probably wondering, “At what temperature is a heat pump not effective?” Let’s clear that up and uncover why it has little bearing in Ohio. Standard or “air source” heat pumps draw energy from the ambient temperatures outdoors. Even in cold weather, there is thermal energy to be had, and this is harnessed and used by the system to provide efficient heating with lower energy consumption. However, at extremely low temperatures, a heat pump can simply lack the amount of thermal energy it needs to do its job normally. For most modern heat pumps, this temperature is at around 20˚ Fahrenheit. Even though we do encounter these temperatures from time to time, modern heat pumps rely on auxiliary heating, which simply uses a bit of extra energy to operate essentially the same way a furnace does, making up for the difference and still providing exceptional heating.

How a Heat Pump Replacement Can Benefit Your Akron or Cleveland Home

So, why seek a replacement heat pump in Ohio? It’s all about these perks:

  • Heating and cooling reliability. Hot summers, cold winters, and fluctuating spring and fall weather are common in our area. That means you need a system powerful and reliable enough to keep up with your demand. Modern high-efficiency heat pumps are masters of top comfort control.
  • Avoiding huge repair costs. As systems begin to wear and age, they start needing repairs more and more, usually starting with the odd airflow complication or a minor leak in the condensate system. These rapidly progress to refrigerant leaks, component damage, and eventually a complete system breakdown. Knowing ahead of time when to replace your system can help you avoid tons of potential repair costs, saving you a substantial amount of money in the long run.
  • Higher overall efficiency. Up-to-date heat pump systems are some of the most efficient HVAC appliances on the market, often breaking efficiency ratings well over 100 — and sometimes even 200 percent. That means lower heating and cooling costs, along with greater comfort!
  • Improved air quality. Indoor air quality is a huge deal these days, and keeping pollen and dust counts in your home down can be a struggle. A replacement heat pump system is a great way to combat your air quality woes since newer systems incorporate sophisticated filtration systems.

Contact Blind & Sons for Top-Notch Heat Pump Replacement Services in & around Akron, Ohio

Whether you’re in the market to replace your heat pump right away, or you’re just looking for some guidance, the experts at Blind & Sons are always ready to help. With top-class products, tools, and technicians, we can bring you the comfort and reliability you deserve from a replacement heat pump! Call (330) 753-7711 or contact us online now for your heat pump replacement consultation!

Frequently Asked Questions About Heat Pumps

What is the Average Life Span for a Heat Pump?

Most heat pumps will provide reliable operation for between 15-20 years. As with any mechanical device, quality construction and adherence to maintenance schedules can extend the life span of your heat pump.

Do I Need a Professional to Repair or Replace My Heat Pump?

Absolutely! Heat pumps require a thorough knowledge of electrical systems and mechanical components. If the heat pump is not properly repaired or the replacement is not properly set up and installed, it can threaten your health and safety.

Will the Heat Pump Operate When It’s Really Cold Outside?

Most heat pumps can provide heat even when the temperature outside drops below zero. It rarely does this in Ohio; however, if you are concerned that it will leave you cold and chilly, we can install a backup heating system that will kick on when the temperature drops below the heat pump’s rated temperature.

Do You Have to Cover a Heat Pump?

No, you don’t need to cover a heat pump. Heat pumps are designed to work in all weather conditions, and covering them can impede airflow and diminish their effectiveness. Rather than covering your heat pump, we recommend removing sources of debris such as tree branches, leaves, and other items from around the heat pump.

What Are Signs a Heat Pump Needs to Be Replaced?

After about ten years, a heat pump can start to show its age. When repairs become more frequent, and problems continue to occur and reoccur, it’s time to consider a replacement. In particular, problems with compressors, reversing valves, outdoor coils, etc. are issues that often indicate a replacement is in order. Contact Blind & Sons at (330) 753-7711 for more information about heat pumps and the heat pump replacement services we offer in Ohio.

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