Money Saving Plumbing Tips

Top Tips for Problem-Free Plumbing

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Blind & Sons is on a mission to help keep your sinks draining, your toilets flushing, and your home feeling safe and dry. Frozen pipes and clogged drains don’t just put a damper on your day – they also put a serious strain on your home. You can be proactive and help your home stay ahead of plumbing troubles with these simple tricks:

  1. Thaw frozen pipes with a hair dryer. Frozen pipes can causes major damage. If you catch your pipes just as they are beginning to freeze, try thawing with a hair dryer and then letting your taps trickle.
  2. Give your drain stopper a good scrub. Dirt, skin flakes, hair and soap scum can all get stuck to your stopper and lead to clogs.
  3. Never pour grease, oil or fat down your kitchen sink. As these liquids cool, they turn into solids and can lead to seriously slow drains. Always pour cooking grease into your trashcan instead.
  4. Purchase a hair strainer to cover shower drains. This simple, cheap purchase goes a long way in preventing hair and other debris from clogging your drains.
  5. Never flush Kleenex down your commode – toilet paper only! Kleenex and toilet paper may seem similar, but they don’t break down the same way. Kleenex often causes clogs.

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