Toilet Services in the Akron & Cleveland, Ohio Areas

Is your toilet not draining or constantly clogged? Because some toilet clogs, leaks, and overflows are from the main sewer or due to older plumbing, call the leading residential plumbing repair service.

Established in 1937, Blind & Sons offers exceptional plumbing, heating, and electrical services in Ohio. For clogged toilet repair services to drain and plumbing water cleanup, our skilled, expert plumbers will quickly and efficiently resolve the problem.

Learn more about our toilet repair and toilet installation service. Call Blind & Sons at (330) 753-7711 or contact us online.

Top-Rated Toilet Repair

Some toilet problems are due to older plumbing or sewer line blockage. Hence, if a plunger or natural home remedy does not remove your minor clog, trust the licensed plumbers at Blind & Sons.

Never use corrosive chemicals or pour hardening compounds down your toilet. Like wax, caulk, or grease. Avoid small objects, such as toys or crayons, falling in by keeping the lid down if you have small children.

Blind & Sons offers fast toilet repair services. Our technicians can handle all types of toilet problems, including:

  • Broken supply or fill valves or float assemblies
  • Clogged or leaking supply lines
  • Leaking wax rings or flapper valves
  • And more

Get your toilet up and running again. For toilet repair in Barberton or Akron, call (330) 753-7711 or contact us online.

Toilet Installation & Replacement Services

Slow or sluggish bathroom plumbing is a health hazard, unsanitary, and can disrupt a busy household.

Our knowledgeable team can make recommendations if you need repiping. Consider upgrading your old unit with a money-saving double-flush toilet that reduces environmental impact.

A trusted source for installing and replacing your toilet, we provide transparent, upfront pricing that will fit your budget.

For Ohio toilet repairs, contact Blind & Sons online or call us at (330) 753-7711.

A plumber uses a plunger to unclog a toilet

Common Toilet Issues

Tired of plunging every time you use the bathroom? Common toilet issues include:

  • Clogged toilets: A plunger might clear waste, paper products, and foreign objects like disinfectant wipes in the trap area.
  • Toilet bowl rings: For a natural solution, try vinegar and a pumice stone instead of harmful chemicals.
  • Overflowing toilets: These are clogs where the water and waste come up. Use a snake or plunger, or call a plumber.
  • Running toilets: Old flappers, overflows, and chains caught under the flapper can increase water bills. Try DIY fixes or call an expert.
  • Loose toilet seats: Tighten the two screws on the back of your toilet, or use the hand-tightened knobs for newer toilets.
  • Weak flushes: High-speed water is not moving in the pipes due to cracked pipes or tree roots. Request a sewer video inspection using special camera equipment to inspect your pipes safely.

Schedule a toilet repair or replacement service today by calling Blind & Sons at (330) 753-7711 or contacting us online.

Why Choose Blind & Sons?

In business for over 80 years, Blind & Sons offers affordable and reliable plumbing services. We back all our work, products, and services with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We have stellar reviews, flexible payments, and a discounted maintenance plan.

Request plumbing services in Barberton or Akron, OH, today. Call Blind & Sons at (330) 753-7711 or contact us online.

Toilet FAQs

How do I unclog a toilet?

Use a plunger, snake, or toilet auger. Or mix vinegar with baking soda or try dish soap and hot water. If your toilet remains clogged after trying these fixes, call a plumber.

Why is an odor coming from my toilet?

The seal on the wax ring might be tight enough. Have your plumber reseal it and remove any debris in your main vent.

Why is sewage coming out of my toilet?

Seeing sewage backup might be a line blockage between your sewer and the bathroom. Hire a professional plumber who can drain and clean the line.

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