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If you’re looking for plumbing, electrical, or HVAC services in Massillon, turn to the trusted experts at Blind & Sons. We are a three-generation family-owned company that has proudly served the greater Northeast Ohio area since 1937. Blind & Sons provides total home comfort with heatingcoolingplumbingelectrical, and indoor air quality services. We are proud to serve our Ohio neighbors with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Because being comfy isn’t just about the temperature in your home; it’s about trust and peace of mind.

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Massillon Plumbing Services 

Nothing stops you in your tracks quite like a leaky pipe or clogged drain. The expert plumbers at Blind & Sons provide fast, professional plumbing services that fit your schedule and keep your home running smoothly. 

Whether you need water heater repairs, plumbing fixture installations, drain cleanings, inspections of your plumbing system, or anything in between, our professionals have seen and can do it all!

What Is a Sewer Scope Inspection & Do I Need One?

Blind & Sons is proud to offer video inspection, a plumbing service designed to assess the health and state of your sewer and water lines. Usually, these lines are extremely hard to access, as they are typically deep underground. Modern inspection techniques are simple yet effective, using a scoped camera attached to a feed line that can find its way easily into your sewer drain line and water mains. From there, the video equipment can provide images that allow a plumber to assess the situation, helping us generate an effective plan of action for repairs or replacements.

Some more obvious situations clearly demand this service, such as when your sewer line keeps backing up or when you’re dealing with a clog that won’t respond to typical plunging or snaking. Additionally, we recommend scheduling an inspection if:

  • You’ve lost water pressure in your home
  • Your water bills have increased sharply for no apparent reason
  • You have consistent clogs in the home
  • Your drains are giving off a foul or odd odor
  • There are puddles of murky water in the yard

Video sewer scope is a great addition to video inspection as part of your annual home plumbing maintenance checklist. The service offers a ton of benefits and can add years of life to your plumbing system as a whole.

Massillon Air Conditioning Services

There’s nothing worse than an inoperable cooling system when the summer heat hits. That’s why you need a reliable Massillon air conditioning company like Blind & Sons. Rest easy knowing your home’s cooling system is in good hands.

Does Your AC Need To Be Replaced?

Massillon summers can be extremely demanding on your home cooling system. High heat and humidity are commonplace in Northeast Ohio, so an air conditioner that isn’t up to snuff just isn’t an option! Don’t struggle with an out-of-date air conditioning system — call on the Massillon HVAC experts at Blind & Sons.

A replacement air conditioner should be more than just good enough. It should be stronger, more effective, and more energy-efficient than the previous unit. That’s why Blind & Sons offers superior Lennox brand air conditioning equipment to our customers, and our extensive diagnostic services and adherence to personalized solutions mean you’re certain to get a new cooling system that performs optimally and as efficiently as possible.

Benefits of a New Air Conditioner

A replacement air conditioning system can offer you more than just reliable cooling. When you pursue air conditioner installation at the right time, you can get a whole lot of benefits that include:

  • Higher efficiency. A new cooling system can operate at efficiency ratings that exceed those of units five or 10 years older by leaps and bounds, offering greater comfort in addition to helping lower those high Ohio cooling costs.  
  • Fewer repair costs and complications. The older and more worn out a system is, the more you need to repair it. AC maintenance can help mitigate this a good bit, but there will still come a time when the air conditioner repair costs become too much to bear!
  • Better indoor air quality. Modern cooling systems offer more robust and more effective air quality control systems — a benefit for the unit itself and one you can enjoy the effects of, too.
  • Improved warranties. Lennox offers excellent warranties on new and replacement air conditioning systems, giving you superior protection that ensures you and your family stay equipped to deal with our Ohio summer and spring seasons.

Contact Blind & Sons to receive a quote for AC replacement in Massillon and the surrounding Northeast Ohio areas!

Call for AC Repair ASAP If … 

Catching an air conditioning problem early is the best way to keep more significant issues from developing. Watch out for these common signs of cooling equipment trouble. As soon as you notice any of these red flags, contact Blind & Sons for AC repair service:

  • Weird noises. Clanks, bangs, and squeaks — you should always pay attention to these! Weird noises usually mean component problems, and those need attention fast.
  • Unit is leaking. Whether water or refrigerant, you don’t want your cooling system to turn your utility room into an indoor pool. Call Blind & Sons for AC repairs whenever your unit is leaking.
  • Warm or hot air. Be sure to check your air filter first to make sure it’s not dirty. If that doesn’t solve the problem, call our air conditioner repair team. We can efficiently diagnose and repair the underlying issue.
  • Ice forming on the unit. Ice or frost can accumulate on either the exterior unit or the evaporator coils of the indoor unit. If you spot ice in either location, it’s time for air conditioner repair service.
  • Increasing energy costs. Keep a close watch on your energy costs from month to month. Any upward trends can mean a loss of efficiency. And that can be a great early indicator of system problems that need professional attention and repairs.

Have you noticed any of these warnings signs with your home’s air conditioning system? Call Blind & Sons at (330) 257-7386 to schedule AC repair in Massillon, Ohio.

Massillon Heating Services

When winter storms come barreling our way, you rely on your Massillon home’s heating system to provide the comfort and warmth you crave. Don’t let an inefficient heating system leave you piling on blankets.

Our Massillon HVAC experts offer furnace installation, replacement, maintenance, and repair services.

5 Signs It’s Time for Furnace Repair

If you notice any of these signs of furnace malfunction, call on Blind & Sons for furnace diagnosis and repairs:

  • Strange furnace noises: When you hear unusual or annoying furnace sounds, let us find the loose screw or the failing part and fix your furnace ASAP!
  • Odd smells: Your furnace may smell a bit the first couple of times you use it for the season, but the odor should fade away. If you notice a persistent burning smell or strong smell of fuel near your furnace, it’s time to call Blind & Sons for reliable furnace services, including repairs.
  • Startup problems: A furnace that won’t come on may have a damaged thermostat or issues with the wiring connections.
  • Pilot light issues: Your furnace pilot light should burn blue. If the flame is yellow or another color, a furnace ventilation issue may need expert attention.
  • Poor or inadequate heating: If your heating system produces little to no heat, let us check for leaking ducts, a faulty thermostat, or other furnace problems.
  • Increasing energy costs. When your furnace efficiency decreases, let us inspect it and make repairs to help get your monthly bills back in line. You should also consider an annual furnace maintenance visit from one of our HVAC technicians as a preventative measure.
  • CO detector goes off: If this occurs, turn off your furnace immediately and open windows for ventilation. You may have a deadly carbon monoxide leak. Call your gas company to rule out a gas leak, then contact your reliable HVAC experts at Blind & Sons for repairs to keep your family safe.

If you notice any signs of a furnace malfunction, call Blind & Sons at (330) 257-7386 for home heating system repair in Massillon!

We Also Service Heat Pumps & Ductless Systems

Keeping comfortable in Ohio can often feel like a full-time job. Hot, humid summers followed by extremely cold winters mean your HVAC system needs to be a cut above. That’s why Blind & Sons offers services on two additional solutions: heat pumps and ductless systems.

Heat pump systems offer super high energy efficiency and powerful year-round comfort. But to get the most out of a heat pump system, it needs to be installed, maintained, and occasionally repaired by a highly trained team of experts. Blind & Sons are the heat pump specialists in Massillon, Ohio you need for:

If you’re looking for a whole-home comfort system that can do it all efficiently and reliably, consider a top-class ductless split system from Blind & Sons! We offer comprehensive installation and maintenance and seasonal tune-up services that can help you avoid common breakdown causes. Your comfort and satisfaction are our highest priorities, which is why we choose to install products that we trust, and we offer HVAC services that put our clients first.

For complete heat pump and ductless system services in Massillon, call on Blind & Sons! You can contact us online at any time or call (330) 257-7386 for emergency service!

Massillon Electrical Services

With more than $20,000 of parts and equipment stocked on every truck, our electricians are prepared to handle any electrical problem that comes up in your Massillon home.

We offer electrical services on whole-home generatorselectrical panelssurge protection, and more.

Lights Out in Massillon?

Our team never wants to see you stuck without lights or power! That’s why in addition to our complete panel safety inspection upon installation, we also offer comprehensive home electrical troubleshooting services. Reach out to our team, and we’ll be on the way and ready to help in no time. We’ll bring all of our knowledge and experience to bear to locate and handle the problem as soon as possible. Reach out to us if you’re experiencing:

  • Frequent breaker trips
  • Breakers refusing to reengage
  • Flickering lights
  • Consistent trouble with dedicated circuits

When you need a reliable Massillon electrician, there’s only one name to know — Blind & Sons! Contact our top-rated electrical company today.

Choose Blind & Sons for HVAC, Electrical & Plumbing Services in Massillon

Our technicians complete 100 training hours a year and undergo routine testing. We cover the latest technology, industry best practices, thorough procedure training, and more, so you can be confident in your choice for Blind & Sons. We’re the home services company your Massillon neighbors trust — give us a call to find out why. We are ready to assist with any air conditioning, heating, electrical, or plumbing problem you are experiencing in your Massillon home.

Contact Blind & Sons for HVAC, electrical, or plumbing services throughout Northeast Ohio, including Massillon!

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