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Contest Rules:

1. No purchase necessary.
2. You may only enter through Blind and Sons web site from May 04, 2020 through June 08, 2020.
3. To be eligible the winner must be 18 years or older and a homeowner whose home where the unit will be installed is located in Summit, Portage, Medina, Stark, Wayne or Cuyahoga counties.
4. Restrictions relating to the prize are as follows: The prize is for a Lennox Model 13ACX024 air conditioner and installation only. It does not include any of these items if required: ductwork or installation of ductwork, humidifier, pouring of concrete pads, running of new gas lines, air cleaner, chimney liner, zoning system, permit fees, asbestos removal, running new electrical wiring or thermostat. Should any of the items be required in order for the new air conditioner to operate safely and properly, those items must be performed before the prize will be awarded to the winner and the cost of those items is the responsibility of the winner. 
5. In the event that the contest winner desires another Lennox air conditioner other than 13ACX024, the winner may apply the $5,682.00 value of the prize towards the purchase price of the air conditioner they choose and pay the difference in cash. However, if the alternate air conditioner has a lower value than the $5,682.00 value of the Lennox 13ACX024 unit, the winner will not be given the difference in cash.
6. The following people are not eligible to enter the contest: Employees, their immediate families and members of the same household of WONE/WAKR, Lennox, Blind & Sons their parent companies, affiliates, subsidiaries, advertising and promotion agencies.
7. The prize may not be exchanged for another prize or cash. The winner must complete the air conditioner installation by December 31, 2020 and failure to do so will be considered a forfeiture of the prize by the winner. In the event the winner forfeits the prize for this reason or any other reason or is ineligible to win the prize for any reason contained in the contest rules, as currently written or amended, the station will conduct another drawing until an eligible winner is found who accepts the prize.
8. All taxes are the responsibility of the winner. The winner agrees to sign the Contest Winner Waiver of Liability and Hold Harmless Agreement and understands that failure or refusal to do so will be considered a forfeiture of the prize by the winner.
9. Only ONE entry per email address is permitted. Odds of winning are based on the number of entries received. By entering the contest entrants agree to permit Blind and Sons to share the information from their entry with the contest’s sponsor Lennox.
10. The winners will be selected by a random drawing from all entries received by Blind and Sons during the entry period. In the event that entries are not received by Blind and Sons during the entry period because they have been lost or improperly processed due to human errors, technical errors, hardware errors, software errors or any other errors, Blind and Sons considers those errors random accidents which function as part of the random selection process used to determine the winners of the contest. Blind and Sons does not verify that entries have been received for entrants at any time during or after the contest period. 
11. The drawing to determine the winners will be held on Wednesday June 10, 2020 and will be announced on WONE/WAKR Radio.
12. Blind and Sons reserves the right to add, change or delete any rules during or after the contest without notice. Decision of the judges is final.



*Offer includes Lennox ML18070K BTU furnace. All payments based upon purchase price alone excluding taxes. Credit purchases subject to credit approval. Other transactions may affect the monthly payment. Cannot be combined with other offers. Other restrictions apply. Offer may be withdrawn at any time without notice. Ohio License #s 45611 & 37616. Expires 5/30/20

**Present at time of Purchase. Cannot be combined with other offers or discountsSome restrictions apply. Expires 5/30/20.