Water Heater Services in Solon, OH

You rely on your water heater every day. From cooking and cleaning to showering, you count on a steady supply of hot water on a daily basis. Not having hot water grinds your daily life to a halt! Because of the importance of your water heater system, you don’t want to leave it in the hands of just any plumber. You deserve a plumber with decades of experience, a dedication to customer satisfaction, and a commitment to offering the best services possible. In Solon, OH, this means you need Blind & Sons!

Our team of plumbers in Solon offer every water heater service you could need, from selection and installation to inspection and repair. We get the importance of hot water access in your home, so we are always striving to offer quick, smooth, and precise services for our customers.

Need water heater service in Solon or anywhere in Northeast Ohio? Contact Blind & Sons at (330) 753-7711 to schedule water heater replacement, repair, or maintenance service.

What Type of Water Heater Is Best? The Benefits of a Traditional Water Heater in Solon, OH

When you are choosing a water heater, you’ll begin by narrowing it down two the two basic options: traditional or tankless. These are both great options, but one will typically be the better overall option for you and your home.

We tend to recommend traditional water heaters because they offer these benefits:

  • Tank water heaters have a lower initial purchase price, ensuring there’s an option for any budget.
  • They offer a potentially greater supply of hot water to larger homes, multi-family housing, or homes that need lots of hot water at a time.
  • They are relatively easy to diagnose, repair, and replace.

Looking for water heater services in Solon, Ohio? Contact Blind & Sons at (330) 753-7711 to schedule water heater service in and around the Solon area.

Traditional Water Heater Services for Solon Homes

At Blind & Sons, we sell, service, and install both traditional tank storage and tankless water heaters.

Traditional water heaters store and heat water in a reservoir. As water is used, the tank is refilled, and a set temperature is maintained to deliver hot water whenever it may be needed.

Technology is always changing, and it helps to have an expert educate you on your various options.  Our professional plumbers in Solon can walk you through the pros and cons of multiple types of hot water tanks, water heater prices, and more to help you choose the best fit for your home.

Call (330) 753-7711 or schedule water heater service onlinefinancing is available!

Traditional Hot Water Heater Installation & Replacement in Solon, OH

You need a water heater that provides a steady supply of hot water to keep up with your demand. You need a water heater that works with you, not against you! This is why we offer top name products only, and we rigorously analyze your specific hot water needs before matching you up with a new hot water heater.

If you’re in the market for a water heater replacement in Solon or surrounding areas in Northeast Ohio, you’ve come to the right place. Blind & Sons is the leading water heater replacement company in and around Solon, OH! We can install both electric water heaters and gas water heaters.

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How Long Do Water Heaters Last & When Should I Replace My Water Heater?

Typically, you can expect a tank-style water heater to last around 10 years. It is a wise decision to replace your water heater after a decade for the best efficiency and safety of the system. Besides the age of your water heater, certain issues can be an indicator that you need a replacement. For example, if you notice a leak in your water heater, you need a replacement. Leaks are often caused by corrosion in the unit.

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If you need some expert advice on the best water heater to meet your needs and budget, the Solon plumbers at Blind & Sons can help! We have experience with all types of systems, including the complete line of state-of-the-art Bradford White water heaters. Just contact us for free, helpful, zero-hassle advice!

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Hot Water Heater Repair in Solon, OH

Losing access to hot water can stop your day in its tracks, preventing you from performing even the simplest of tasks. You need a fast, accurate solution that won’t break the bank. At Blind & Sons, we offer top-notch water heater repair service for Solon homes. Our team is a cut above the rest—we have the expertise and equipment to restore your access to hot water in a timely fashion while never sacrificing the quality of our work.

Contact Blind & Sons at (330) 753-7711 to schedule water heater repair at your Solon, OH home.

Water Heater Maintenance in Solon, OH

Water heater maintenance and tank sediment flushing are crucial steps to prevent costly repairs and breakdowns. Getting regular maintenance on your water heater will improve the reliability and efficiency of your system. Our team of plumbers in Solon offer thorough water heater maintenance checks to make sure you’re getting the most out of your investment!

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Why Choose Blind & Sons for Water Heater in the Solon, Ohio Area?

Leave your water heater services in the hands of our experienced and dedicated team of plumbers. We’ve been in the plumbing industry since 1937, which has given us many decades of water heater service experience. You can trust our qualified experts can help you choose a water heater with the right capacity and energy efficiency necessary to meet your needs. If your water heater is not working as expected, call us today to schedule repair services!

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