Generac Generators for Northeast Ohio Homes

Video : Power outages are NEVER convenient, but they can be less painful with a Generac whole-home generator.

Northeast Ohio residents are no strangers to losing power during a brutal winter storm. Losing power in severe weather can have serious consequences for you and your family, including spoiled food, damaged electrical equipment, and more.

The best way to protect yourself from damage following a power outage is through Generac generator installation with Blind & Sons. Our expert electricians offer a wide range of whole-home generators for Akron, Ohio families, including top-rated products by Generac.

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Benefits of Generac Generators for Akron Families

Generac generators are widely renowned for their high performance and reliability. With a Generac whole-home generator installed in your home, you’ll enjoy the following benefits:

  • Instant power access following a blackout or outage
  • Prevent against food decomposition and waste
  • Zero interruptions to your home security system
  • Prevent against frozen pipes by maintaining water heater power
  • Eliminate the need for lengthy and expensive hotel stays

Having a generator professionally installed in your home can also help prevent costly damages incurred from overflowing sump pumps. They can also keep water flowing from your private well for continued access to running water.

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Types of Generac Generators for Your Northeast Ohio Home

There are many different Generac models available, each featuring different fuel options: natural gas, liquid propane, and diesel. The following are some of the Generac generators Blind & Sons has available for Northeast Ohio families:

  • Guardian Series
  • PowerPact
  • EcoGen
  • Protector Series
  • QT Series

The best Generac generator for your home will largely depend on its size and the wattage required for powering your home’s devices. Blind & Sons can help you navigate the selection process, making an expert recommendation for your home’s specific power needs.

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Generac Generator Services in Akron, Ohio

Whether you’re looking to install a generator for the first time or have a unit that needs repair, Blind & Sons has the expert team you need to provide all your whole-home generator solutions. We are proud to provide Akron families with the following generator services:

  • Whole-home generator installation: Select from our wide range of top-rated products and have a member of our expert team professionally install it in your home.
  • Generator repair and maintenance: If your unit is on the fritz, trust the team at Blind & Sons to quickly and efficiently repair your generator back to working order. Keep your unit in operation even longer by scheduling routine maintenance with our team.
  • Generator replacement: Out with the old and in with the new — get improved power access by scheduling replacement services with Blind & Sons.

When a power outage strikes and your generator fails, don’t hesitate to call Blind & Sons for our available 24/7 emergency repair services. We’ll make sure your unit is performing as it should, so you’re never left without the power you need.

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Don’t get left in the dark when a power outage strikes! With Blind & Sons’ Generac generator installation services, you’ll always stay connected to the power you need.

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